Denial.CoD Wins The 2015 Call of Duty Championship

This past weekend was one for the books for Denial.CoD. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2015 world tournament took place March 27th-29th and pitted 32 of the best teams around the world against each other for a total prize pool of 1 million dollars. While it was a long and tough weekend for Denial.CoD they were able to take home the trophy, rings and MVP for the event.

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Denial eSports Partners With KontrolFreek

Denial Esports is proud to announce its new partnership with KontrolFreek, one of the most recognized gaming accessories companies in competitive console gaming. KontrolFreek will be sponsoring Denial.CoD and Denial.Halo at all future events.

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Denial eSports Returns To Its Roots With Smite

Denial eSports has finally come back to its roots after 1 year of watching the eSport outgrow it’s first event at Atlanta, an event we proudly were a part of. We are proud to announce that we have signed 5 Angry Men

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Denial.Halo Recap of PGL and HCS Preseason Cup #2

It was a busy weekend for Denial.Halo this past weekend. The PGL Halo 2 Anniversary $10k was played on April 10th and 11th while the HCS Preseason Cup #2 was played on April 12th. Let’s start off with the PGL tournament. PGL The PGL $10k 4v4 tournament took the top 32... read more

The Art of 4v5 & How To Deal With An AFK Player

It does not matter if you are in a bronze game or a diamond game. Chances are you have been on the unfortunate side of a 4v5 ranked game. I am here to tell you that those games are still winnable. There is always that one guy on the team who still thinks the team can... read more

Mid-Season Recap

With the Call Of Duty Championship over, Denial.CoD has continued their success in Season 2. Season 2 was put on hold after week two due to the Championship approaching. At the end of week two, Denial.CoD was third overall with a record of 4-2. Week three did not... read more









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