Denial.Lol Signs Woolite

Sat 20th Jun 2015 - 12:00pm : News : LoL

Denial Esports is proud to announce its newest League of Legends addition, acquiring former Team ROCCAT and Copenhagen Wolves marksman Paweł "Woolite" Pruski as the team’s new starting AD carry.

The spot was made available following the departure of Rasmus "MrRalleZ" Skinneholm for Team ROCCAT, which coincidentally made Pruski available, in their efforts to shake things up after an underwhelming 2-4 start.

"First off, I want thank ROCCAT for all that they've done for me. I will definitely miss everyone,” said Pruski. “They all treated me with the utmost respect throughout my time there, always looking out for my best interest.”

"When initially losing Rasmus, we knew it was going to be tough finding a replacement, however we were very fortunate Paweł became available,” stated Denial.Lol head coach Nick Scali. “I'm excited going forward with him as our ADC, and believe this puts us in a great position to begin the Challenger Series."

Denial’s League unit scrimmed with several AD carries during the week, but Pruski’s veteran experience and adaptability separated himself from prospective players, making the addition a seemingly natural fit.

“I'm also really excited to play with these fun guys at Denial. They are both highly skilled and nice people,” Pruski added. “I'm sure I'll feel comfortable in the team. My goal is to come back to the LCS and I believe with these teammates it is possible.”

Pruski’s goal of a “return” to the LCS brings a lot of value to the young Denial team. While the squad fields plenty of young and upcoming talent from the challenger scene, the LCS experience from Pruski and top laner Mike “Wickd” Petersen will help steer the ship through the summer split.

“We needed an AD Carry that is vocal, have experience and an aggressive mindset that would fit with the rest of us,” said Petersen, who also serves as the team’s captain. “After trying him out we instantly knew he was the one. He has everything we need and we're very happy to welcome him onboard."

Woolite and the rest of Denial.Lol will face Dignitas EU this Tuesday and Wednesday for week one of the EU Challenger Series Summer Split.



David Demarco

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