Our most recent ESEA match was in what ESEA calls their “Mountain Dew League” due to the recent partnership between them and the famed gamer drink Mountain Dew.

Our first match in the League was against fellow North American team RONIN on Cache. Despite our boys’ best efforts, we were not able to win the match, losing 16-5 to RONIN and only managing to get 2 and 3 rounds in the halves respectively. Spitfire had the best results of our team during the match, with 10 frags, 4 assists, and 17 deaths. Because of this loss, we currently hold the 10th position in the tournament standings.

Our next match against Insomnia Esports is being rescheduled due to both teams not being able to find a date that worked for both of them. After them, we will play Team RivaL on October 5th and VAULT on October 6th, with both matches being on Nuke.

Written by @H3nleYCSGO