BlizzCon is upon us. 12 total teams from 8 of the major regions: North America, Latin America, Australia, Europe, Korea, China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia will come together to find one team who stands apart from the rest. One team to crown as the Heroes of the Storm World Champions.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 26th, is day 1 of opening week. Denial has been slotted in group 1, so they’ll be playing on day 1.

Denial will get Reborn first, and should they advance, they’ll have to play one of the most undisputedly dominant teams in the world, MVP Black.

At this point, people are saying that the teams in group 1 are just competing for second place, but we’re hoping that Denial might have a few tricks up their sleeves to pull off an upset of the Korean super team. MVP Black is a previous world championship winner, but 3 members of Denial, KingCaffeine, K1Pro, and iDream, are last year’s BlizzCon winners, so there is absolutely no reason to count them out yet.

The winners of each group will advance to the playoff bracket, where one team will be the ultimate victors.

After Denial advanced to the global circuit at Regional 2, several members of the team quoted that they’d practiced harder than they ever have before in order to make it to BlizzCon. You can bet that their goal, however, is not just to make it there, but to win it. So you can imagine that the team has been grinding out practice sessions and working on strategies and compositions that they might can use to topple some of the best teams in the world at this dynamic game. During my interview with KingCaffeine a few weeks ago, I asked him how they planned on winning, and he said “We are working on a variety of styles and execution comps that people haven't seen us run. I wouldn't count Murky out just yet…”

Murky: A baby Murloc that has a tiny death cooldown, and almost no health whatsoever. A “specialist” hero that is outclassed in so many ways. Yet that’s who Cloud9 picked “to do the damage” for their team comp in 2015’s BlizzCon tournament. That’s who they picked to decide their fate.

Will the Murloc see action again this tournament? Probably not. Is Denial favored to win this tournament? Or even their Group? Not really. But, that may just mean that the Wolfpack has everyone right where they want them.

Catch the action tomorrow morning at 11:00 CT at You won’t want to miss it.

And, of course, if you haven’t already, stop by the Wolfpacks’ twitter pages and wish them all good luck: @callmecaff, @c9k1pro, @Glaurung_tv, @apmgod, @C9iDream and @HandleBarsHots.


-Parker Morgan (@ParkerMorgan24)