After multiple offseason moves Denial esports have finally qualified for a LAN event that eluded them for the past few seasons. Denial has been placed into Group D for the Super Regional Qualifiers. The group has been listed below along with how many points each respective team finished with during the online portion of the season.

There is a legitimate argument for any of these teams to emerge from this group. Enemy certainly has been one of the most interesting teams this season. A slow start along with multiple sub situations led Enemy to look like they would fall out of the playoff hunt. A strong second half put them back into contention for the super regionals. Envyus has been relatively consistent throughout the course of the season and Soar has been one of the most dominant teams of the season. The path for Denial to the super regional will not be easy for Denial and they will need to bring their best every single game if they have hopes of qualifying.

The full schedule has been attached below however here is a full list of Denial’s games

Friday 10/28 vs Envyus

Friday 10/28 vs Enemy

Saturday 10/29 vs Soar

Saturday 10/29 vs Enemy

Sunday 10/30 vs Envyus

Sunday 10/30 vs Soar

This group could easily come down to the final Denial vs Soar game late on Sunday however every game will mean a tremendous amount. Every game means a lot and every point counts at this LAN. Good luck to Denial Esports and all of the teams they will be competing against.

Full Schedule:

Author: @Denial_Halladay