Our CS:GO boys were busy the past two days and played two more matches in ESEA’s Mountain Dew League.

Their first game on November 2nd was against Team SoloMid on Overpass. Our Wolves were off to a good start, winning the first pistol round of the first half as well as the following SMG round. It wasn’t until round 6 that TSM picked up their first round of the game. They managed to get 7 more rounds before winning the first half 8-7.

Our boys won the pistol round of the second half as well, but that was where their luck ended. TSM picked up the remaining 8 rounds, and won the game 16-11, despite our boys’ best efforts.

The next match was on November 3rd against Im the Captain Now on Overpass once more. We won the first pistol round once more with Captain getting their first win on round four. They were unable to do much more as our boys managed to win the first half with a nice 10-5 score.

Captain managed win the pistol round on the second half as well as the following two rounds, but our boys had none of it and managed to finally win the game 16-8.

Our next matches will be on the 7th against VAULT on Overpass and on the 8th against Insomnia Esports CSGO on Cache.