Our CS:GO team was extremely busy this week, having player an entire four games in the course of three days!

Our first game was against Insomnia Esports on Cache on November 8th. The game started off well for us as we won the first pistol round but unfortunately we were unable to carry that onto the following round and thus lost the SMG round. By the end of the first half, Insomnia had taken the lead with a 9-6 score in their favor.

The second half went much the same, with us winning the pistol round but losing the SMG. Our boys did, however, manage to regain their footing in the end, win an amazing 10 round in the second half, and take the game with a very close 16-14 score. Anger and XP3LEET did the best that game with 31 and 26 kills respectively.

Our next game was on November 9th against eUnited on Overpass. The game was off to an even better start for us as we won both pistol and SMG round and brought the game to a quick 2-0. eUnited gained their first win on round 6 but we still won the half 9-6.

The second half did not go so well for our boys. They lost the pistol, won the SMG, but that was all they were able to get. eUnited took over the second half and unfortunately managed to win the game 16-10. GG to them.

Our third game took place on November 10th against Team Quetzal on the famous Dust2. This game too was not off to a very good start as we lost the pistol and SMG round once more. We were, however, able to take our first win on round 4 and ended the half with a very close 8-7 score in favor of Quetzal.

The second half was a different story. We lost both pistol and SMG and were only to take one round before Quetzal closed the game out 16-8. Valiant effort from our boys and a warm GG to Quetzal.

Our last game of the Mountain Dew League took place on the same day as the Quetzal game but this time it was on Cobblestone against SoaR Gaming. The first half followed the Quetzal game once more as our Wolves lost both the pistol and SMG round. Our first win was on the 10th round and we lost the first half with a pretty bad 11-4 score in favor of SoaR.

The second half however, was a tremendously different story. We won both pistol and SMG rounds this time and in the end managed to come back from a 4-11 first half loss to a 12-1 second half win and won the game 16-12! Incredible job from all of our players, especially SKYTTEN who racked up 30 kills!

That is the end of our Mountain Dew League adventure as we finish with a 9-7 win/loss ratio. Thank you very much for believing and following us throughout this tournament and we look forward to bringing you more quality content as soon as we can!

By Gabriel Ionica/@H3nleYCSGO