When Denial was founded, our mission was to expand into as many esports games as possible. With that in mind, Denial is proud to present our newest esports venture: our very own Vainglory team.

Our COO Ray Arsenault had the following to say about our new players:

"We're very excited to not only enter Vainglory but expand our presence within Europe. The guys on Beyond Horizon fit right into what look for within teams. We cannot wait to support and watch them play this season and especially in their first match this Saturday!"

The team’s captain, Kadir “ArtemisGrace” Sahintürk also had a few words to say:

“We are very excited about joining Denial Esports and we are looking forward to achieve great things in the Future! The whole Team is motivated and ready to win the Vainglory8! We are proud to be able to say that we are part of the #WolfPack now.”

Our new Wolves’ first match will be in this weekend’s Vainglory8 Spring Season whose schedule can be found here.

The full roster of our team is as follows:

Kadir “ArtemisGrace” Sahintürk (Laner/Carry)

Nikita “Bashn” Barabash (Support)

Arthur “ImtheDoom” Parsin (Jungle)

Tuan "Tesfaye" Anh Dinh (Sub)

Yakub “Qiyama” Goezgoeren (Sub)