As you all might know, Denial Esports recently picked up our very own Vainglory roster. To get you all acquainted with them, we interviewed the team's captain, Kadir "ArtemisGrace" Sahinturk to learn more about his background in esports and how he feels about joining the wolfpack.

ArtemisGrace started playing MOBAs back in Season One of League of Legends with a friend who needed a playing partner. He didn't find it very appealing as it took quite a while to get used to the view the player has but as he played it more often, he became addicted to playing competitively. He used to play the game every day for at least 6 hours on an old computer that could barely play the game at 20 FPS.

As time went on, his hardware gradually got worse and wouldn't let him continue playing LoL anymore which led to his discovery of Vainglory. Back then, ArtemisGrace believed that Vainglory would only be a temporary replacement for LoL until he got a new notebook. Much to his surprise however, the game got him hooked through both its gameplay and community. Him and a couple of friends built up their first guild and began ranking up together but as time passed by ArtemisGrace became too focused on ranking up and left his guildmates behind in ELO.

As he was ranking up he got scouted by Denial's current substitute, Tesfaye, who was playing in G2 back in that time. He was impressed with how Artemis handled his main hero and found much potential in him going competitive, something Artemis is very thankful for. Much to his disappointment, he had to leave his beloved guild that he led at the time called "DayDreamers" as he could not bring up enough time to handle both his rank and the guild at the same time. He and Tesfaye created a team called Rising Lotus, but as they could not agree on certain things and Artemis's private life mattered more, he was forced to leave the team and then found Beyond HorizoN, now Denial Esports. Tesfaye was introduced to this variety of players and together they worked hard and managed to reach EU's Top 8 teams. 

When asked about how he feels in regards to joining Denial, Artemis had the following to say:

"We are very hyped to work with Denial Esports, and we are looking to achieve great things such as getting the trophy in the upcoming Live Finals and maybe even battling it out with all the regions in the next World Championships! We definitely do have the potential to do so, and even if the road is hard, we will keep it going as we are now part of the #Wolfpack!"

Written by Gabriel "H3nleY" Ionica