Denial Announces New League of Legends Roster

Posted by Hawkeye on March 21st, 2014 4:28 am

Denial eSports is excited to announce that we have reentered League of Legends with an awesome new roster.  The players from the former Cognative roster will be joining Denial eSports to compete in the challenger circuit.  

Mid Lane  Twitter Facebook
Nicholas " NubbyPoohBear" Harlan   
Top  Twitter
Andy “Anda” Hoang                        
Support  Twitter 
Tom "1onz" Rahman                       
ADC   Twitter        
Vincente “Shynon” Vu                    
Jungler  Twitter    
Rami "Liquid Inori" Charagh            

Frank Fang the manager of the Roster had this to say about signing with Denial

“I'm very excited to see well known organizations like Denial take interest in the growing League of Legends Challengers scene . I look forward to working with them to make our team one of the strongest in the Challenger Scene.”

Michael “Hawkeye” Chapman the Chief Operating Officer of Denial eSports had this to say about the acquisition.  

“We are very excited to be moving back into the League of Legends scene.  It was where many of us started our love of eSports, and with this roster we are convinced we are making a very strong step forward both in League of Legends, and in our organization.  ”

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