BlizzCon is on the horizon, but before someone could stake their claim on a world championship title, Blizzard decided to host a tournament, called Nexus Games, that took place over the last several weeks for both the NA and EU regions.


The goal of the tournament was to help players prepare for the changes being implemented in the Nexus--like the changes to mount speed, new heroes, and new maps. More specifically, it helped the members of Astral Authority (formerly known as Murloc Geniuses) and Denial eSports--the two teams representing NA at BlizzCon this year. And, of course, those two teams further solidified their positions as the top two teams in the region as Astral Authority won the whole thing, and Denial finished second.

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Denial eSports is proud to announce it is entering the world of competitive Overwatch. It’s an exciting move for the Organization as a roster full of experience and talent joins the Wolfpack. Overwatch features action packed, competitive play, and we’re hoping that the newest members of the Wolfpack can hit the ground running. The full roster, detailed below, features players that are experienced in not only Overwatch, but also big FPS games of years gone by such as Call of Duty, Team Fortress and Battlefield, as well as other top games like League of Legends and Warcraft. Here are the full details on the roster:

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Heroes of the Storm is a dynamic game, and the pro scene has seen a lot of change in just a short amount of time. One thing that has been consistent, however, is John Paul “KingCaffeine” Lopez being one of the best tanks in the game. He’s the captain of Denial.HotS, and he and his team will be headed to BlizzCon in November to represent North America in the global tournament.

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Our most recent ESEA match was in what ESEA calls their “Mountain Dew League” due to the recent partnership between them and the famed gamer drink Mountain Dew.

Our first match in the League was against fellow North American team RONIN on Cache. Despite our boys’ best efforts, we were not able to win the match, losing 16-5 to RONIN and only managing to get 2 and 3 rounds in the halves respectively. Spitfire had the best results of our team during the match, with 10 frags, 4 assists, and 17 deaths. Because of this loss, we currently hold the 10th position in the tournament standings.

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