Denial Esports is proud to announce our return to the Call of Duty scene, with the acquisition of an accomplished COD roster to represent our organization in the Call of Duty Pro League.

The team consists of Marcus “MiRx” Carter , Jay "Prophet" Nicoletti, Eric "Twizz" Servello and Mike "Blfire" Glushenok; a group of dedicated players that are eager to prove themselves in the highest competitive level of the Call of Duty stage.

Marcus “MiRx” Carter


Jay "Prophet" Nicoletti

Eric "Twizz" Servello

Mike "Blfire" Glushenok


"Personally, I am incredibly hyped to be back in competitive Call of Duty. Denial has had a long history in COD, including the title of being the 2015 Call of Duty Champions. Being so having Denial stepping back into COD is something, I’m sure many long time WolfPack fans will be delighted to hear."  - Ray Arsenault, Co-Owner

“I'm excited to be competing under Denial alongside Mirx, Twizz, and Prophet. I've had success teaming with Mirx and Twizz in the past, during the Black Ops 2 season on Team Curse, which makes me excited to see what we could accomplish together  again. Along with the addition of Prophet, and the combination of our experience and his knowledge, I strongly believe that we'll make it into the second season of the CoD World League. We appreciate the opportunity given to us and expect to make the #WolfPack proud.” -Mike "Blfire" Glushenok

We at Denial Esports are excited to support the team in the upcoming events and look forward to the promising future that this team has to offer.

Welcome to the WolfPack! 🐺


Denial Esports is excited to announce the latest addition to their team and first of his title: Zack “Boomie” Bielamowicz who currently holds the #1 World Ranking in Brawlhalla. The Chicago native has been a consistently rising star in the Brawlhalla scene. He most recently took first place at CEO:Dreamland and the StreamMe Legend Series NA 1v1 Tournament.

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As you all might know, Denial Esports recently picked up our very own Vainglory roster. To get you all acquainted with them, we interviewed the team's captain, Kadir "ArtemisGrace" Sahinturk to learn more about his background in esports and how he feels about joining the wolfpack.

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With great pleasure, we at Denial Esports are ecstatic to announce the expansion of our gaming platform into the Paladins scene by signing the team: “HoldM1”, the former Paladins roster for Team Eager. 

With prior, positive experience in the HiRez community, as well as a primary focal point in the FPS field, it was an effortless decision to venture into the Paladins scene and consider all the opportunities given to us. The roster’s past achievements and consistency in competitive events hosted by ESL, HiRez, and Paladins Masters has proved that they are one of the best teams in the world, and now the roster will aim to qualify for the Paladins Summer Premier in Dreamhack Valencia. 

Without further ado, we would like to welcome: Chris "Bitey" Mohn, David "stolzey" Mathis, Noah "w1fL" Beson, Zach "ShadeeyShades" Gilbert, Steven "Awry" Michaelc, Bryce "Kami" Keen", and Greg "Alternit" Panek to officially establish the Denial Esports Paladins competitive roster.

Chris "Bitey" Mohn

Flex & Team Captain

David "stolzey" Mathis


Noah "w1fL" Beson


Zach "ShadeeyShades" Gilbert


Steven "Awry" Michalec


Greg "Alternit" Panek

Sub & Team Coach

Bryce "Kami" Keen

Sub & Streamer


"I consider joining Denial Esports as a true real privelage. The organization has a long history in multiple titles as well as serveral championships. I'm thrilled to have our team be givin this unique oppertunity! We look forward to working together in our new home and develop our future in the Paladins scene alongside the WolfPack" - Chris "Bitey" Mohn :

“We are very excited to welcome the Paladins team to the organization. What most impresses me about the team is their unique comradery and support one another. I believe this can accredited to their success, and why they have proven themselves as top team in the world. I believe the future for the game and our teams looks bright and I look forward to watching and cheering them on.” - Ray Arsenault, Co-Owner

 Welcome to the WolfPack!


We're here today to announce our next Co-Owner. Now working alongside Robby Ringnalda and Hank Baskett will be Stephen A. Crystal.

A little about Stephen: Steve stays on the leading edge of the interactive gaming and gambling industry product development, including analytics; CRM; online and mobile bingo, poker, and casino games; DFS and eSports; mobile lottery applications; social gaming; online and mobile payment solutions; and parimutuel products and platforms. His experience includes igaming, land-based casinos, the hospitality industry, tribal gaming, software implementation, interactive gaming, intellectual property, taking companies public, raising capital, launching products, strategic partnerships, new tech innovations, tech transactions, consulting, outsourcing solutions, investing, project management, project development, lobbying, land use, and regulatory and governmental compliance.

We're very excited to bring Stephen on. Stephen will be working to assure we're providing the best platform for our players and company as a whole.

You can learn more about him by visiting his website here:

Today at Denial Esports we’re very excited to welcome DrJikininki to the WolfPack. DrJikininki recently comes off his 1st place finish at the Americas Winter Championship. With this addition we re-enter Hearthstone a growing community and esport with the right people behind it. DrJikininki first event apart of the WolfPack will be DreamHack Austin later this month.

DrJikininki has just recently started attending tournaments at the major level, and has already seen great success like stated winning the Americas Winter Championship. He also has finished well at PAX East and a few other tournaments. With this addition we cannot wait to see DrJikininki grow and continue to play at a high level under the banner of Denial Esports.

Upon joining DrJikininki had the following to say:
“I am proud to say that I will be representing Denial Esports and join the WolfPack. The future is looking bright and I'm glad to be apart of it with Denial.”

Ray Arsenault Co-Owner had the following to say:
“I’m very excited to bring on Drjikininki to WolfPack. When it was brought to my attention from some of our friends at Blizzard as well as our GM Alex looking into that he was a F/A and seeing the landscape and how things have been going within the scene it was a no brainer on bringing him on. We’re very excited to see him play at his very first tournament under Denial at DreamHack Austin!”

DrJikininki also streams regularly and you can catch his stream below:

You can also follow him on twitter!

Today at Denial Esports we’re very excited to announce that Hank Baskett, will be coming on board with the WolfPack as a Co-Owner. This is the first time in the history of Denial Esports there has been another Co-Owner. When Robby Ringnalda (CEO) and Ray Arsenault (COO) started talking with Hank, it was very clear that he truly enjoys gaming and esports as whole. Throughout the discussions it was clear that Hank would fit right in with how Denial operates and performs.
And of course you’ll be able to catch him playing games with our players very soon on his Twitch channel!
Everyone at Denial Esports from players to staff would like to welcome Hank into the WolfPack and we’re very excited to start working alongside him!
Make sure to give Hank Baskett a follow as well if you don’t already!