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Michael "Hawkeye" Chapman has been an avid gamer for his entire life.  This love of gaming eventually transitioned to a love of eSports with his involvement in Call of Duty 2 online play, and eventually more serious competitive play in Call of Duty 4.  With the impressive growth of MOBA games, and League of LEgends in particular, Hawkeye decided that he was more suited to the administration side of eSports rather than playing.  He became a LoL admin and caster at NESL, and quickly rose to be the head of LoL events there.  After a few successful events Hawkeye was appraoached to become the eSports manager at Curse, and for 2 years he ran all of Curses events, and helped build the Team Curse brand into what it is today.  After several years with Curse, Hawkeye was approached by the founders of Denial about a position within the growwing company, and could not resist the urge to be a part of a true start up again.  Hawkeye has been at Denial eSports for just over half a year, and has risen to the level of Chief Operating Officer. 


Sorry, nothing to see here!
Sorry, nothing to see here!