Denial Esports welcomes DrJikininki

Today at Denial Esports we’re very excited to welcome DrJikininki to the WolfPack. DrJikininki recently comes off his 1st place finish at the Americas Winter Championship. With this addition we re-enter Hearthstone a growing community and esport with the right people behind it. DrJikininki first event apart of the WolfPack will be DreamHack Austin later this month.

DrJikininki has just recently started attending tournaments at the major level, and has already seen great success like stated winning the Americas Winter Championship. He also has finished well at PAX East and a few other tournaments. With this addition we cannot wait to see DrJikininki grow and continue to play at a high level under the banner of Denial Esports.

Upon joining DrJikininki had the following to say:
“I am proud to say that I will be representing Denial Esports and join the WolfPack. The future is looking bright and I’m glad to be apart of it with Denial.”

Ray Arsenault Co-Owner had the following to say:
“I’m very excited to bring on Drjikininki to WolfPack. When it was brought to my attention from some of our friends at Blizzard as well as our GM Alex looking into that he was a F/A and seeing the landscape and how things have been going within the scene it was a no brainer on bringing him on. We’re very excited to see him play at his very first tournament under Denial at DreamHack Austin!”

DrJikininki also streams regularly and you can catch his stream below:

You can also follow him on twitter!