Denial Esports Enters The Realm!

Denial Esports Enters The Realm!With great pleasure, we at Denial Esports are ecstatic to announce the expansion of our gaming platform into the Paladins scene by signing the team: “HoldM1”, the former Paladins roster for Team Eager.

With prior, positive experience in the HiRez community, as well as a primary focal point in the FPS field, it was an effortless decision to venture into the Paladins scene and consider all the opportunities given to us. The roster’s past achievements and consistency in competitive events hosted by ESL, HiRez, and Paladins Masters has proved that they are one of the best teams in the world, and now the roster will aim to qualify for the Paladins Summer Premier in Dreamhack Valencia.

Without further ado, we would like to welcome: Chris “Bitey” Mohn, David “stolzey” Mathis, Noah “w1fL” Beson, Zach “ShadeeyShades” Gilbert, Steven “Awry” Michaelc, Bryce “Kami” Keen”, and Greg “Alternit” Panek to officially establish the Denial Esports Paladins competitive roster.

“I consider joining Denial Esports as a true real privelage. The organization has a long history in multiple titles as well as serveral championships. I’m thrilled to have our team be givin this unique oppertunity! We look forward to working together in our new home and develop our future in the Paladins scene alongside the WolfPack” – Chris “Bitey” Mohn :

“We are very excited to welcome the Paladins team to the organization. What most impresses me about the team is their unique comradery and support one another. I believe this can accredited to their success, and why they have proven themselves as top team in the world. I believe the future for the game and our teams looks bright and I look forward to watching and cheering them on.” – Ray Arsenault, Co-Owner

Welcome to the WolfPack!