Denial Returns to Call of Duty!

Denial Returns to Call of Duty!Denial Esports is proud to announce our return to the Call of Duty scene, with the acquisition of an accomplished COD roster to represent our organization in the Call of Duty Pro League.

The team consists of Marcus “MiRx” Carter , Jay “Prophet” Nicoletti, Eric “Twizz” Servello and Mike “Blfire” Glushenok; a group of dedicated players that are eager to prove themselves in the highest competitive level of the Call of Duty stage.

“Personally, I am incredibly hyped to be back in competitive Call of Duty. Denial has had a long history in COD, including the title of being the 2015 Call of Duty Champions. Being so having Denial stepping back into COD is something, I’m sure many long time WolfPack fans will be delighted to hear.” – Ray Arsenault, Co-Owner

“I’m excited to be competing under Denial alongside Mirx, Twizz, and Prophet. I’ve had success teaming with Mirx and Twizz in the past, during the Black Ops 2 season on Team Curse, which makes me excited to see what we could accomplish together again. Along with the addition of Prophet, and the combination of our experience and his knowledge, I strongly believe that we’ll make it into the second season of the CoD World League. We appreciate the opportunity given to us and expect to make the #WolfPack proud.” -Mike “Blfire” Glushenok

We at Denial Esports are excited to support the team in the upcoming events and look forward to the promising future that this team has to offer.

Welcome to the WolfPack!