Denial eSports goes 1-1 in Second Week of MCS

Denial eSports goes 1-1 in Second Week of MCS Coming off of a 2-0 the week before, Denial eSports were tied for first place with FXOpen (Now “To Be Determined” after leaving the FXOpen organization), Wazabi Gaming, and Curse Academy. With stellar performances from all members of the team, including a Pentakill for Flappy Bearfish, the team met the beginning of this week with high spirits.

Denial eSports was poised to face compLexity, the former LCS Spring Split team, for their first match of the week on Wednesday. Due to a team member arriving late, Denial eSports was given a last minute penalty resulting in all bans being taken away. This proved to be a bit troublesome for the team. With compLexity target banning InnoX, Nubbypoohbear, and Scubachris with Nidalee, Twisted Fate, and Lee Sin bans respectively, Denial eSports was starting from a very distinct disadventage. While managing to first pick Thresh for Gleebglarbu, compLexity managed to snag 5 complete comfort picks for their team as a result of none of their main champions being banned against them.

MegaZero and compLexity destroy Denial eSport's inhibitor

-MegaZero and compLexity destroy Denial eSport’s inhibitor-

For the first time in a long line of many months of tournament performances, Denial eSports was quite obviously outmatched in the laning phase. CompLexity pressed their advantage very firmly, and even with very firm resistance from Denial eSports, they managed to take towers at an alarming rate, even further increasing the gap in the global gold between the two teams. In the end, the remarkable skill of the compLexity team combined with Denial’s incurred penalties proved too much, and Denial succumbed to their first loss in the MCS.

The following day, Denial was faced against Exertus Zeal and their new line-up for their fourth game of the season. Sporting their new roster with Hoodstomp in the ADC position and YodaTV in the Jungle, they were not to be trifled with. In possibly the closest game to date in the MCS, Denial and Xertus fought back and forth for small advantages throughout the epic game. Both teams were close to winning several time over the course of the game, with many team fights being decided in the blink of an eye and going to either team.

Flappy Bearfish takes a double kill in one of the many back and forth team fights against Exertus Zeal

-Flappy Bearfish takes a double kill in one of the many back and forth team fights against Exertus Zeal-

With two inhibitors down and not much hope left, Denial eSports wiped out Exertus in the baron pit and taking Baron for their own, stalling the game out even further. Even with the baron buff, Denial and Exertus went even in a team fight in bot lane, with both teams falling back to regroup. But before the Baron on the surviving members of Denial went out, Denial found an amazing pick onto Exertus Zeal’s ADC and APC, quickly ending the game with a 10 kill and 10 thousand gold lead.

Denial eSports would like to express our gratitude for the opportunity to play in the MobaFire Challenger Series, and wish GG’s to our opponents this week! For more updates on Denial in the MCS, follow us @DenialeSports on Twitter!