Smite Amateur Competition Rules

Each Player must own 15 Gods ( 4 bans, 10 picks, and 1 auto ban).
Each team shall consist of players who are registered in the same team through Denial Website.
Each Team should have 1 back-up Player. No more than 2 back-up players are allowed.
Players should not have a elo of more than 3000.
There is bracket capacity of 64. If the competition ever exceeds this amount, it will be down to first checked in and administrator’s discretion.
Each team should have a designated manager, responsible for checking the team in and ensuring 5 main players are on the website. This can be same as the team captain or different.
If a player is considered “Pro” they can not play for the team, the team should run a back-up instead (Pro players are players who played on a “Pro” team within the last 6 months).
If a Team is considered “Pro”, they will be removed from the competition.

General Rules

Mannered play is expected from all players. Trash talking or bad manners will result in punitive measures at an Administrator’s discretion, including but not limited to disqualification.
Only the Team Captain may post registration for his or her Team.
Team Captains are responsible for updating the outcome of matches with the proper Match ID to administrator.
Team captains may be asked to talk in a private channel on the GameVox by an administrator. We ask that you be understanding and communicate to make it easier for all involved.
Abusing spectator, including but not limited to stream sniping and/or ghosting will be treated as cheating. If a team or player is suspected of cheating, the Administrators reserve the right to disqualify them from the tournament.
Players found to be cheating by manipulating game files, using unapproved game modifications, or any other method by which they gain an unfair advantage over other players will be disqualified at the Administrators’ discretion.
Note: Collusion, intentionally losing a game, etc will be met with punitive actions including disqualification from the tournament in question and possible retroactive measures as well (disqualification from previous matches).
Team Captains are expected to check-in at the appointed time, there is a 30 minute leeway.
If a team is not checked in 30 minutes before the start of the tournament, the team will be replaced or disqualified at administrators discretion.
Team Captains are required to communicate through Gamevox with the admins. Check-ins as stipulated by the rules are to be done via this software. Captains may be contacted via direct messages, group messages or VoIP mediums through this software, and will be accountable for all information passed through this medium.
Note: apply and download GameVox through the following link “” and connect to the Smite GameVox server through this link “”
Team captains are required to be on gamevox during the tournament in case an administrator needs to contact them
If a Player, which does not meet eligibility, is found to be playing on a Smurf, the administrator will talk with the team and take actions accordingly

Match Rules

This is a 5v5 (Conquest) Tournament. The Team with the better ranking (or listed as the home team) will have the choice to select their side as first pick or second pick. If there is no ranking for the Tournament, then the Home Team will be decided by a coin flip. In a multiple game series, the loser of a game will receive first pick for the next game.
This is a single elimination tournament, up to the finals which are Bo3
Tournament mode proceeds in the following format: First Pick Team = A; Second Pick Team = B. Bans: ABAB Picks: ABBAABBAAB
Each Team may ban two Gods per game.
Challenge matches must be created without all chat and with spectating enabled.
Picks and bans must be executed through the in game client NOT in a separate chat.
Players are expected to hold their game until notified by an admin such that the broadcasters can broadcast picks/bans.
In the event that a team does not select their pick or ban within the time allotted by the game client:
Bans : Failure to ban in the allotted time requires the following action. In a timely manner, the team captain should contact the enemy team captain and an Admin to explain the problem and give their intended ban. This grace is granted once per match up. In the event that you do not select your first or second ban in time the team will be disqualified.
Picks : If you do not pick in time currently the game will be remade. Teams are allowed a grace restart once per match up. If your team fails to pick more than once in any match up (including bo3s) the team failing to pick will be disqualified.
Pervasive failure to pick/ban in a timely manner can result in disqualification at the Administrator’s discretion.
The newest God during the time of the Tournament, is automatically banned and does NOT count towards the 2 bans that each Team gets.
Each Team has exactly 2 minutes (MAX) to ban each god. Mirror match-ups are NOT allowed in this Tournament series.
At the beginning of the Tournament, all Matches are expected to start within 15 minutes of the posted start time. If a Match does not start within the 15 minute period, any Teams present should contact an Administrator immediately.
If a Team doesn’t show up and start within the 15 minute period, that Team shall automatically forfeit the Match.
If neither Team shows up and starts within the 15 minute period, an Administrator will decide the appropriate action:
DQ both Teams and advance an alternate Team
DQ both Teams and re-make brackets
DQ neither Team and allow a delayed start
DQ neither Team and coinflip/RNG select a winner (or high seed advanced)
Elect a non-listed option, at the Administrator’s discretion
We allow a 5-10 minute delay between matches. This allows the Casters to take a short break in-between matches, and both Tournament spectators and Players to take a break themselves.
Team Captains are required to get an Administrator approval for delays that will last more than 10 minutes or risk disqualification.
During the Tournament, some games may be requested to be held or gated based on a broadcast schedule.
Teams are required to check with an Administrator and verify whether their next Match is going to be broadcast prior to starting a game. This is to ensure that Tournament spectators can see the picks and bans.
In special cases where games must be held over 30 minutes, Administrators will be in close contact with the affected Teams. Players are encouraged to bring forth any scheduling issues, if applicable.
Player Disconnects
Pre First Blood, In Game Timer Less Than 5:00 Elapsed
If a Player disconnects during this time period, either Team may request a re-game. Any remade games must be approved by an Administrator from the region in question. Players are expected to continue playing until an Administrator approves a re-game.This includes failure to load after the ban/picking stage of the game.
Post First Blood, In game Timer Over 5:00 Elapsed
Games will not be restarted or remade for player disconnects after first blood or after 5 minutes in game.
Server-wide issues will be evaluated by the Administrators and re-games may be allowed if there is a systemic problem. This includes multiple disconnects in a single game after 5 minutes have elapsed. The game will be remade only if there is a confirmed issue with the server/instance.
A re-game can only be awarded to a team once per game in a series (up to 3 times total in a best of three series).
Substitute Players are available to be used (subbed) between re-games. Any substitutions during a re-game MUST be approved by an Administrator.

Post Match Rules

After each match, Both Team Captains must report their results to the tournament admin, including the names of the teams that won and loss and the match id, failure to do so may result in disqualification.
Players shall not type or otherwise participate in the STREAM CHAT until the coverage of a game they were playing in has concluded. This is to avoid spoiling the audience to the fact that the game is over due to delayed broadcasting. This is a manners request. Players that routinely forget or are deemed to be maliciously spoiling streams will be subject to punitive measures, including but not limited to Tournament non-eligibility and disqualification.

All rules are subject to an Administrator’s interpretation. Rules may be changed (modify, add, or delete rules) at any time, without prior notice and/or reason. Unless otherwise stated, all rule-related decisions made by an Administrator are final and binding upon all applicable parties If you do not agree with all of the rules and stipulations listed above, you may not participate in the Tournament. By requesting entry into the Tournament, you understand and agree with tournament rules.