Denial NA Takes First in Dignitas Cup

Denial NA Takes First in Dignitas CupThe inaugural Dignitas Smite Cup was wrought with issues for most teams. Denial NA, despite being seeded with EU teams (only their round 1 match was against an NA team), managed to earn a trip to the finals where they defeated Cognitive Gaming 2-0 in a best of three matchup.

The second match in the finals was a clear marker that Denial NA deserved their slot in the finals. After dealing with DDOSing issues in the first match, Denial subbed Gamehunter for Paindeviande. Kaeyoh was able to resolve his DDOS by going to Lassiz’s (Team Dignitas) home (they live quite near each other). The solution worked well for both teams, as neither suffered a DDOS in the second match of the finals.

Whether it was Kaeyoh playing on an unfamiliar machine or the moral of the team after the first round DDOS, Cognitive gaming had an over all lackluster performance. In 40 minutes of play, Kaeyoh was the only member of Cognitive not killed six or seven times. While MLCst3alth did his best to carry (8/6/5) with 26,277 in payer damage, it could not compete with Macetodaface’s Hebo who dealt 33,273 in player damage. MLC was the only player on his team to deal any structural damage, and Cognitive was never able to take any of Denial’s towers. Macetodaface was channeling PonPon’s luck today, as the squishy Hebo managed to escape death with 5hp multiple times (once while trapped in his own Odin’s ring). Despite being in the EU playing with significant ping issues, Gamehunter once again demonstrated that his Apollo is a force to be feared finishing 7/1/11, with 4,490 in structure damage.

The first match was unfortunately marred by disconnects. Cognitive Kaeyoh was dced at level 7 and again at level 11, despite precautions taken to prevent DDOSing. Kaeyoh’s Neith was the primary damage source for Cognitive (she went 1/0/2), and a surrender vote was passed at 24 minutes. Paindeviande was dced during the same match at level 15 and returned just in time to see the surrender.

The most unfortunate part of this entire tournament was the issues with DDOSing. Team Dignitas’s Thebest was dced during their match against Cognitive Gaming. DenialEU lost Sprayarn, Trixtank, and QvoFred at one point (an issue they have been dealing with for the last 4 weeks of play), which certainly contributed to their loss against Denial NA. SK also dealt with a DDOS in the semi-finals. No one can be sure who is causing the DDOSing, but it certainly is ruining the quality and integrity of all Smite tournaments. No team likes to win a match that was 4v5, and no team likes to lose knowing they could have won with a full roster.

In full faith, here is where I tell you I am both a Denial and a Cognitive Gaming fan. I’ve grown to love the friendly competitive spirit in both the Denial EU and NA teams (even if Sprayarn does keep telling me I’m too heavy to play with), Kaeyoh has been my friend for years, and I Mattypocket some how made me like him when he was subbing for Denial NA. For me, as a both a Smite fan and friend of players from several teams, the DDOSing issue is heartbreaking. I can only imagine how frustrated and angry each player must be while offline and franticly trying to restore a stable connection. I can’t help, as I see the Twitch chat fly by, but want to defend those on each side. Those suffering from the down player must just try to play on, and those who still have all 5 men must also continue to play, no matter how cheapened the experience is for all of them. Here’s hoping the DDOSer grows a conscience before this week’s HiRez weekly, and we can have a fair outcome for the Wildcard slot for Gamescom.