Borderland Gaming staff comes to Denial

Borderland-GamingBorderland Gaming has been the preeminent SMITE community since before Guan Yu was stomping noobs. As one of the biggest and most active outlets for SMITE content and news over the past year, we have strived to bring you quality information in a timely and entertaining way.

The amazing staff and teams at Denial and from BLGaming have joined to promote SMITE and bring you the best of the eSports world! Plans are in the works for some awesome new content for you guys and gals, with more surprises than a bucket of Cheeto crazed salmon.

But wait?!? What happened to the teams?!? Fear not, the BLG.EU guys with their Top 3 in EU selves will be joining the Denial team as well! You can look forward to some EU streaming from some of the Best players in the EU, including “The Hair” and “Swedish Fabio!”

The NA Team divisions will battle out in a grand melee using blunt instruments until the most resilient and strong players emerge victorious! Stay tuned for more exciting news on this front.

All the great web shows like Beyond the River Styx and Deicide will continue as before, only with a little more oomph and on the Denial TV channel. Guides: yep, we will soon be unveiling the first automagically updated SMITE guides! Now your guides will never go out of style.

A SMITE league is in high demand, and we are caving to the pressure. There are plans for a SMITE League event in the works! With experienced admins and staff, this will not be WOGL 2.0.

Denial E-Sports has proven success in not only the games in which their teams compete, but also on a business level as well. They have some of the top professionals in the industry and it will be a pleasure working with them.

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