Best Budget Gaming Headsets under $100


    As a pro-gamer, or even as a beginner, you will feel the need for a good quality headset that provides you with the best sound quality so you can make the most out of your gaming experience. For this reason, the following article has reviewed the best gaming headsets that you can buy in 2020. But, we know that every gamer does not necessarily have the budget to invest in pricey and fancy headsets. So, the following products reviewed are all budget-friendly under $100 yet offer the same quality of experience and features as any higher-priced one!

    1. HyperX Cloud Stinger

    HyperX Cloud Stinger
    HyperX Cloud Stinger - Gaming Headset
    for 49.99 $44.03
    You Save: $5.96 (12%)
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    Nothing is more important in a gaming headset than the versatility of features that guarantee the user’s comfort and convenience. Thus, the HyperX headset is one of the best in the market with the memory foam that adjusts itself according to your usage. Moreover, the headset also has an incredible noise-cancellation feature known as the swivel-to-mute function. This means that you can easily get yourself connected to the gaming world and have no disturbances with this headset.

    In addition to this, the product also has a robust construction with 90-degree rotating cups. It also has a durable steel slider that perfectly adjusts and fits on your head. The headset is versatilely compatible with both PC gaming and PS4 too. And also, you can use the headset with your MACs and your mobile phones as well.

    The product weighs only about 224 grams, which makes it lightweight. All these great features are backed by a 2-year warranty and a 10-day refund in case of dissatisfaction too.

    • Reliable and unique memory foam design.
    • Adjustable slider for comfort.
    • Lightweight design.
    • Intuitive volume control for ease of use.
    • Cons
    • Slightly delicate compared to others.

    2. SteelSeries Arctis 3

    The SteelSeries Arctis 3 is available in a range of options and variety. You get to choose from two color ranges of either black or white headsets. Moreover, the products also have versatile compatibility with Xbox, PS4, PCs, MAC, VR gaming, and even Nintendo.

    In addition to this, this headset is equipped with a highly advanced noise-cancellation feature. It features a discord certified microphone with a sensitivity of about 48 decibels, meaning it reduces noise and maintains maximum clarity and studio-like sound quality. The product is also highly durable with its high quality construction. It features fully breathable AirWeave ear cushions that ensure comfort, along with a rubber cable that is durable and flexible, both.

    Other than the incredible clear cast mic, exceptional foam quality, and low weight of only 10.4 ounces, the headset also has built-in audio sharing. This makes it a good choice for friends and grouped gaming.

    • Built-in audio sharing.
    • Ski goggle headband for adjustment.
    • Color variety available.
    • Great quality of construction.
    • Lightweight design for added comfort.
    • On-ear audio controls for ease of accessibility.
    • Cons
    • Does not have Bluetooth connectivity.
    • Not very loud as expected to be.

    3. Turtle Beach Atlas One

    Turtle Beach Atlas One
    Turtle Beach Atlas One PC Gaming Headset
    for 49.95 $39.95
    You Save: $5.96 (12%)
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    For a loud and clear gaming experience, the Turtle Beach Atlas One will be the perfect pick for you. If you are one of the more vocal gamers who talk a lot during games, then the high sensitivity and extremely clear microphone of this headset will work well for you. The mic has a flip-up design, making the headset useful for mic and non-mic situations.

    When it comes to durability, this headset leaves everyone behind with its metal headband that is going to last for a long time. It’s fully adjustable, so it also has to offer comfort and convenience. In addition to this, the ear cushions are made with memory foam, so the headset can fit well for the purpose.

    You can get the best sound quality with this product with its surround sound feature. The surround sound is going to isolate you from the outer world and connect you strongly with the gaming world. The softer section between the ear cushions also makes it great for people with glasses as the foam quickly adjusts and fits itself.

    • Glasses-friendly ear cushions.
    • Metal headband for added durability.
    • Surround sound quality.
    • Compatible with Windows PC gaming.
    • High sensitivity microphone.
    • Cons
    • No color variety.
    • No audio controls on the headset.

    4. Corsair HS50

    Corsair HS50
    CORSAIR HS50 - Stereo Gaming Headset
    for 49.99 $39.99
    You Save: $10.00 (20%)
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    If you’re looking for durability and great comfort, then the Corsair HS50 will work really well for you. The headset has nicely cushioned ear cups with memory foam that slowly adapts your adjustment and wear style. Moreover, the ear cups also have on-ear controls which allow you to quickly access and adjust the volume and loudness according to your need.

    Additionally, the headset is also equipped with discord certified microphone. It is meant to offer a really clear and loud voice with a long life too.

    The overall headset is built with high quality metal. This guarantees the longevity of the product, and also gives it a really sleek and tidy look. Also, the headset can be bought in a variety of color tones, ranging from blue and black, carbon, and green, and black.

    It features 50mm drivers, with a standard 3.5mm analog connector, and is backed by a warranty for 2 years.

    • Generous warranty.
    • High quality memory foam.
    • Discord certified mic.
    • Color variety available.
    • Metal construction guaranteeing longevity.
    • Cons
    • No surround sound feature.

    5. Astro A10

    The Astro A10 headset is one of the most advanced and well-built products in the market. The most distinctive feature of this headset is its anodized aluminum headband, which is meant to be resistant to all sorts of damage. The headband is wrapped up with a polycarbonate blend that guarantees comfort and sturdiness together. In addition to this, the headset also is versatilely compatible with a range of gaming platforms, including Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, and MAC as well.

    It is equipped with a flip-up microphone, which can also be muted when not necessary, so it doesn’t create a disturbance. The product is also compatible with PS4 and Windows 10. Another important feature of the headset is its detachable cable, so it doesn’t get in the way of your gaming experience.

    The ear cups and the headband are all made with really high quality material, which not only protects the headset from damage but also minimizes sound disturbances. The black and red design and color combination further make this the perfect addition to your gaming setup.

    • Flip-up microphone.
    • Durable and adjustable headband.
    • Versatile compatibility for user-friendliness.
    • Exceptional construction quality.
    • Detachable cable system.
    • Cons
    • No color option.
    • No on-ear audio controls.

    6. Logitech G430

    Logitech G430
    Logitech G430 7.1 Gaming Headset with Mic
    for 79.99 $47.84
    You Save: $32.15 (40%)
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    A true gamer will be able to make great use out of this Logitech G430 headset. It is equipped with the Dolby 7.1 surround sound system that is going to ensure a whole another sound experience during your gaming. The 360-degree sound field will not fail to enhance your experience.

    Furthermore, the headset also has a lightweight design with blue colored unique ear cushions. The ear cups have a 90-degree swivel design that allows for a great personalized fit and adjustment. These features guarantee to add comfort to the overall user’s experience. Moreover, the product features a boom mic, ensuring highly clear and crisp sound quality. The mic is foldable, so you can fold it when not in use. The on-cable mute and audio controls further add convenience to the headset.

    The 360-degree sound field comes with 40 mm neodymium drivers and a multi-channel sound system, ensuring high quality sound. Moreover, the ear cushions are fully breathable, made with sports-cloth, reducing the chances of sweat and discomfort coming the way of your gaming.

    • Highly comfortable sport-cloth ear cushions.
    • Adjustable ear cups.
    • Lightweight construction.
    • Dolby 7.1 sound system for exceptional quality.
    • Boom mic for clear audio.
    • Cons
    • Weighs slightly more than others.
    • Unreliable cable quality.

    7. Logitech G432

    If you are looking for durable headsets that feature exceptional sound quality to provide you with remarkable gaming experience, then this masterpiece by Logitech should be the one for you. The headset features a surround sound system, with powerful 50mm drivers that are going to give you authentic and real sound experience during your gaming.

    The 50mm audio drivers are designed in a way that they offer cinematic sound feedback. Plus, the cabled headsets also feature a smart flip-up mic that mutes easily and quickly when flipped up. Furthermore, the ear cups are nicely padded to ensure comfort with leather material that is going to bring elegance to the design and comfort to the user.

    The headset offers you to either connect using a standard 3.5mm audio input or a standard USB port. It has a slim structure, which only weighs about 1.25 pounds. The headset can be used with Nintendo Switch, PC, MAC, Xbox, and Windows 10.

    • Leatherette ear cushions.
    • Powerful 50mm drivers.
    • Surround sound system.
    • Flip-up mute mic feature.
    • Connects with multiple platforms.
    • Cons
    • Lacks programmable buttons.
    • No color variety.

    8. Roccat Renga Boost

    The Roccat Renga Boost is the perfect headset for pro-level gamers. Not only the features but the design and appearance of the headset also fully contribute to completing your professional-grade gaming setup. The headset has an all-black exterior, with a studio sound system that has a deep bass for a better sound experience.

    A very distinctive feature of this headset is its ergonomic ear cup design. It fits your ears perfectly enough to offer you comfort and ease of use as well. Plus, the ear cups are made with breathable cushioning. You can use this headset with various gaming platforms, including PC and mobile phones as well. It can also be used with PlayStation 4. The mic is also fully rotatable.

    Equipped with 50mm neodymium audio drivers, the headset is going to deliver crisp and clear studio-quality sound. It also has a well-built ergonomic headband with intelligently designed ear cups with good ventilation, too, ensuring that your ears don’t sweat.

    • Earcup ventilation.
    • Ergonomic headband.
    • Studio quality sound.
    • Eye appealing appearance.
    • Well-padded ear cushions for comfort.
    • Cons
    • No on-ear buttons.
    • Lacks any color variety.

    9. Razer Electra V2

    The best feature of this Razer Electra V2 headset is the outstanding virtual 7.1 surround sound performance. The surround sound system is going to enhance your gaming experience by providing you with authentic sound feedback. Plus, the headset also has a fuss-free auto-adjusting headband that is going to fit you perfectly and meet your gaming needs.

    The whole headset, along with the headband, is made with high-grade aluminum casting, ensuring longevity and sturdiness too. Another very significant feature of this headset is its detachable mic. You can easily remove or place back the mic according to your needs and usage. It is a boom mic that is also going to guarantee high quality sound.

    It is equipped with 40mm audio drivers, ensuring great quality sound, along with lightweight aluminum construction and well-designed quick control buttons. With a standard 3.5mm audio input, the headset can be used with mobiles, Xbox, Mac, and PC too.

    • Powerful neodymium audio drivers.
    • Versatile compatibility.
    • Detachable boom mic.
    • Great quality construction.
    • Auto-adjusting headband.
    • Cons
    • Lacks a USB port
    • No color variety available.

    10. NUBWO N7

    The NUBWO N7 is packed with advanced features that are meant to make your gaming experience truly pro-level. Upgrade your gaming setup with the N7 headset, which is equipped with a noise-canceling mic that will ensure high quality audio feedback. Moreover, the headset has an impressive design featuring dual 50mm audio drivers that are going to provide powerful sound quality. It has a flexible, omnidirectional mic that is guaranteed to bring lots of convenience and comfort to the user.

    Another important feature of this headset is its online controls and programmable buttons that are easy to access and use, ensuring fuss-free usage during your long hours of gaming. The ear cups are made with durable leatherette, which is a breathable material with exceptional longevity too.

    The headset offers you the option to be either bought with or without a USB port. It is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, PC, MAC, and Nintendo Switch as well.

    • Flexible mic.
    • Dual audio drivers for powerful sound.
    • Versatile compatibility.
    • Leatherette earcups ensure comfort.
    • 3D stereo sound system.
    • Cons
    • USB model costs more.