Best Gaming Backpacks – What to Put in a Gaming Backpack?

A good gaming backpack can hold all your goodies and gadgets, so you don’t miss out on anything while you are away. If you google gaming backpacks, you will find countless options with good reviews, but the question remains: which one to choose? We have come up with a simple answer; jot down all your gaming gadgets and just put them in your bag!

You can put your controller, keyboard, mouse, your power bank, maybe a streaming camera and mic, your headphones, or a bunch of other techs in your gaming backpack. The bottom line is that your backpack should have everything that you use while you are gaming, and to provide an accessible storage equipment that reflects your personal style.

Gaming Equipment

Once you’ve determined what you want to put in your gaming backpack, you’re already done with half of your research. Now, go to google or any trusted website and find all the backpacks that can hold your list of gadgets.

You will need to check them out individually to find units that will hold all your stuff. Once you have narrowed your choices down to a few options, choose the one that fits your budget and is aesthetically cool and futuristic; and viola, all your gaming backpack needs are fulfilled!

Let’s go over what equipment you would need to keep in your backpack.


Selecting your backpack type and material is important. If you live in an area with unexpected showers, then a waterproof backpack will go a long way in ensuring safety. On the other hand, if you’d like a lighter weight on your back, then go for composite material. We’ll discuss what to look for in an ideal gaming backpack at the end of this guide. Also, make sure your selected backpack has enough pockets so you can fit in all the important gadgets listed below.

dell gaming backpack

Gaming Laptop

Of course, your most important weapon is your laptop. The gaming backpack depends on the size of your laptop. You may have a 17-inch Asus ROG or the 15-inch Dell Alienware, but whichever model you have, your backpack must have a separate pocket that can handle the thickness as well as the size of your laptop.

Moreover, the material used to create the backpack varies from model to model. Thus, you need to check whether the laptop pocket will be strong enough to hold the laptop and be soft enough to reduce shocks caused by movement. Shocks and bumps to a laptop are dangerous, especially to its screen. The protection of your laptop is the utmost priority, so make your choice accordingly. The backpack must also have some space for the charger of your laptop.


For all avid gamers, a headset is an essential gadget. They enhance your gaming experience with an immersion that average headsets just can’t match. Different models offer different specialties; Turtlebeach offers its stealth series, which is specialized to focus on footsteps so you can hear your enemies coming for a longer distance. Meanwhile, Razer’s BlackShark focuses on communication clarity and noise cancellation.

Before choosing your headset, you should factor in a number of things. If you are more into role-playing and story-based games, you need something with more immersion and better effects. If you are more into FPS, you need crystal clear sound and noise cancellation to focus on your surroundings. If you stream, you need better communication options. You also need to choose whether you want a wired or wireless headset. If it is wireless, it should have a long-lasting battery. Also, any headset you choose should be comfortable and durable.

No matter what headset you have, your gaming backpack needs to have a separate compartment for it. The headset may have accessories like an aux cable, a charging cable, or perhaps a separate mic, so they need to be accommodated too.


This is the third weapon you can have, but it’s optional. Most of the time, you would like to use your laptop’s default keyboard. While traveling, you want your backpack to be as light as it can be, so a separate keyboard might not make sense. However, for dedicated gamers, the best gadget is the one they are familiar with. They say our fingers have memories, so in a fast-paced game, you want a gadget in which your fingers already know where to press so that you can think strategy while your fingers do their own thing. Thus, most gamers would want their keyboards in their gaming backpacks too.

A good keyboard is durable, easy to use, and as compact as it can be. But it is perhaps the second biggest thing you can put in your backpack, which is why you should consider a backpack that is spacious enough. There might not be a dedicated space for it, but the bag should be big enough to compensate for the keyboard size. Also, keyboards are generally durable, so they may not need to be in a protective pocket.

best gaming backpack

Gaming Mouse

This is the second important weapon in your gaming arsenal. The entire movement of your characters depends on your mouse, so you should choose it carefully. You can use a wireless or a wired mouse. Wired are considered to be more accurate and also don’t need to be charged, but the wires can be a hassle. A wireless mouse is handier but it needs to be charged or have its batteries replaced. Also, a cheaper wireless mouse may not be accurate and smooth in use, so be vigilant and thorough in your research before buying a mouse.

The backpack must have a dedicated mouse slot as well. Your mouse needs to stay in a soft baggy area to reduce shocks, while its connection dongle needs a space in your backpack as well.


Some gamers prefer controllers over a keyboard and mouse as their primary weapon. Controllers take a bit more getting used to, but in the end, it comes down to the personal preference of the user. Just like keyboards and mice, controllers have basic models as well as professional models. Xbox Elite, Nacon Revolution Series, Sony’s DualSense are some of the best controllers out there right now. You can choose any model based on your budget and preferences, but when choosing your backpack, make sure there is an extra pocket for your controller. A controller can be handy, but it needs to be protected. So a pocket with shock absorption is a must for controller safety.

Miscellaneous Stuff

There are a lot of other things you may need in your gaming backpack. If you are into multiplayer gaming, you would need space for your wireless internet dongle. This may be a tiny USB, but it also needs to be protected. If you are also a streamer, you will need space for your streaming camera as well.

You may also need a backup battery for your laptop. Depending on the model, a laptop’s battery is replaceable. If you don’t have access to a switchboard, the extra battery will give you extended usage times. So your gaming backpack must have space for that too. You might also need a side pocket for a water bottle, and maybe a snack corner too, for greater convenience.

What is Important in a Gaming Backpack?

Along with all the gadgets a gaming backpack can store, there are other factors that you should consider before choosing your backpack; the cost, the material, the size, and the number of side pockets, to name a few.

Backpack Comfort

This is a crucial point and can even be a tiebreaker. You don’t want your gadgets to hit you from inside the backpack while you are moving. The straps of the backpack should also be ergonomic enough for extended usage. Thus, the comfort level of a backpack is an essential factor to consider before choosing one.

Furthermore, the backpack should be stable enough to stay in its place. If it topples over the chair or table you put it on, the shock would be too severe for your gadgets to survive.

gaming backpack

Storage and Capacity

Of course, as any gamer knows, the basic video game setup has a number of gadgets involved. Any gaming backpack must have enough storage provision to fit all of that. There is no point if you have to compromise on which gadget you get to take with you. Spending money on such a backpack is also a total waste.

Bag Material

The material of the gaming backpack must be sturdy, durable, and light enough for you to carry. It should also be soft enough so that it won’t hurt your back.

Another important factor is that the material should be waterproof. Some people might compromise on this to fit the backpack into their budget, but we would strongly recommend picking up a waterproof gaming backpack. Your gadgets cost a lot, and they are among your most prized possessions. You don’t want water or liquid all over them at all.


The gaming backpack you choose will define how convenient your traveling will be without compromising your gaming hours. You may be a streamer who also likes to travel (a rare combination indeed) or a pro-gamer traveling for a competition trying to keep up your practicing routine. You would need all your gadgets handy, available, and ready to move. A convenient gaming backpack will make your life easier, and you won’t have to worry about leaving any of your gadgets behind.