Best Gaming Backpacks – How to Choose a Gaming Backpack?

A good gaming backpack can hold all your goodies and gadgets, so you don’t miss out on anything while you are away. If you google the products, you will find countless options with good reviews, but the question remains: which one to choose?

Choosing the right gaming backpack comes down to storage capacity, comfort, price, style and material. These bags typically have a sleek design with compartments to store your laptop, tablet and gaming peripherals. Gaming backpacks often provide water bottle holders, side pockets for additional storage space and straps to accommodate accessories. Backpacks come in different material including carbon fiber, foam and plastic.

A List of Best Gaming Backpacks in 2022

Dell 50KD6 Gaming Backpack 15

Dell Urban Backpack 15.6

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The Dell 50KD6 Gaming Backpack 15 is a great option for gamers who are constantly on the go. It’s designed to be lightweight and durable, with plenty of space for all your gaming accessories. The padded compartments offer extra protection for your devices, and the adjustable straps make it easy to carry around wherever you go.

The Dell Gaming Backpack features a separate laptop compartment designed to hold a gaming laptop or tablet in place, as well as many other devices of varying sizes. The available space also leaves room for your gaming accessories such as controllers and headphones, cables and chargers.

The backpack has adjustable shoulder straps Fththat make it easy to carry, and it’s designed to be durable so you can use it again and again without worrying about it breaking down.


  • Carry your console or laptop anywhere easily with this durable bag
  • The padded interior will protect your items from impact
  • Spacious compartments that are designed with your gaming needs in mind

ASUS Republic of Gamers Nomad Backpack

ASUS Republic of Gamers Shuttle Backpack for 17

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The Republic of Gamers Nomad Backpack is a high-performance, high-capacity backpack designed for gamers on the go. It features a large main compartment to fit up to 17” laptops and three external compartments for ample storage space. The ROG Nomad Backpack also comes with carabineer rings for key holders and bottle holders, so you can stay hydrated while gaming.

This stylish bag has a rugged exterior to protect your gaming accessories from the elements. It’s constructed with a lightweight yet tough nylon fiber material that can withstand wear and tear while you travel. The ROG Nomad is designed to be comfortable, with padded shoulder straps that distribute weight evenly across your back.


  • Specialized for gamers, to organize your gaming gear (mice, keyboards)
  • Includes space for your computer and accessories
  • Lightweight, durable
  • An intelligent space management design that crisscrosses to form mesh pockets, but it also features zippered compartments

Mobile Edge Alienware Orion M17x ScanFast Gaming Laptop Backpack

Mobile Edge Alienware Orion M17x ScanFast TSA Checkpoint Friendly 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop Backpack (ME-AWBP2.0), Black

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Mobile Edge’s AWBP2.0 is a hardshell case that fits 17 inch laptops and has been designed to meet the TSA checkpoint friendly requirements for air travel.

This case will fit most 17 inch laptops such as Alienware, Sony, Toshiba, HP, Dell and more!

The Alienware Orion backpack is made from durable nylon polyester. It has a large main compartment that closes with zippered mesh panel to secure your items, pockets for water bottles or other larger objects and an internal laptop sleeve.


  • Backpack for sophisticated gamers
  • Appears to be a fashionable accessory rather than a utilitarian necessity
  • Padded laptop compartment fits most 17″ laptops and gaming notebooks

Targus Corporate Traveler Professional Business Laptop Backpack

Targus Corporate Traveler Checkpoint-Friendly Professional Business Laptop Backpack with Protective Sleeve for 15.6-Inch Laptop, Black (CUCT02B)

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Targus Corporate Traveler Professional Business Laptop Backpack is the ultimate laptop backpack for professionals. The Targus CUCT02B features a large main compartment with padded laptop sleeve to protect your notebook computer. It also has an internal organizer with mesh interior pockets, pen holders and key fob, as well as front zippered pockets that can hold accessories such as cell phones, chargers and small electronic devices.

The Targus CUCT02B comes with a comfortable padded back panel with airflow channels. It is equipped with quick release metal buckles on main closure straps for easy open and close, while the unique molded rubber handle provides comfort during transport.

Targus Corporate Traveler Professional Business Laptop Backpack has water bottle pocket on side, luggage trolley strap that allows you to attach the backpack to your luggage.


  • Sleek style for professionals on the go
  • High quality construction with business materials
  • Compartments allow you to store and organize business essentials

Acer Predator Gaming Hybrid Backpack

Acer Predator Gaming Hybrid Backpack - for All 15.6

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A backpack that combines high-end gaming technology with a professional look. The Acer Predator Gaming Hybrid Backpack is an innovative, high-tech bag designed to deliver maximum performance for gamers on the go. This top notch bag is built using durable, lightweight materials and comes equipped with a laptop sleeve, padded compartments for your tablet or laptop, and has enough room for all your cables and accessories. With its convenient front pocket organizer you can easily store your phone, pens, headphones and other small items. Coupled with its bold, stylish design this high-end bag is the ultimate solution for professional gamers.

The Acer Predator Gaming Hybrid Backpack is made using water-resistant fabric to keep your gear dry and protected. The ergonomically designed shoulder harness ensures the bag fits comfortably on your back for ultimate carrying comfort. The strap can also be adjusted accordingly to suit your height.


  • Offers a professional and stylish look
  • Lots of pockets and slots
  • Plenty of comfortable compartments

Lenovo Legion Recon 15.6 inch Gaming Backpack

Lenovo Legion Recon 15.6 inch Gaming Backpack, sleek, modern, lightweight, water-repellent front panel, breathable back padding, for gamers, causal or college students, GX40S69333

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The Lenovo Legion Recon Backpack is the perfect choice for gamers who want a lightweight backpack that meets their needs. The backpack has a large main compartment that can hold a laptop and other gaming accessories, while the front pocket provides plenty of room to store your tablet or smaller devices.

The bag includes adjustable padded shoulder straps and back panel, and multiple pockets with ample storage space. The bag also boasts water-resistant materials so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain.

This high-quality backpack is stylish yet professional, and makes a great choice for gamers on the go. It has everything you need to keep you organized and prepared for any gaming situation. It is certain to meet your needs while looking sharp and feeling comfortable.


  • Water repellent and breathable
  • Professional design for a gamer
  • Extremely comfortable shoulder straps

Razer Concourse Pro 17.3″ Backpack

Razer Concourse Pro 17.3

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The Razer Concourse Pro backpack is designed to carry your 17.3” laptop and other accessories with a spacious design that provides plenty of room for everything you need to bring along.

The main compartment is lined with a soft material that protects your laptop from scratches, while the interior pockets are specially designed to hold gaming laptops securely in place.

The exterior has a durable nylon weave finish and it comes with a padded shoulder strap for added comfort during long journeys. There are also additional pockets for your smaller accessories, water bottle pocket, trolley strap and more.


  • Highly durable construction ensures that it will stand up to wear and tear
  • Large compartments make it easy to find whatever you need
  • Keeps your back cool and dry while you’re on the go

MSI Urban Raider Gaming Laptop Backpack

MSI Urban Raider Gaming Laptop Backpack, Quick Access, Padded Mesh, Lightweight Polyester Exterior, Fits Up to 17

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MSI Urban Raider Gaming Laptop Backpack is a lightweight and durable laptop backpack that is designed to carry your gaming gear. The bag has many compartments that can hold different items.

It also has a separate compartment for your laptop, which can fit most average sized laptops. Its shoulder straps are padded with breathable mesh material to make it comfortable on the shoulders even when you’re carrying heavy stuff inside the bag.

The padded back area of the backpack allows for better airflow and comfort as well as cushioning from any sharp objects in your bag. Customizable compartments allow you to choose your own setup depending on what you need to bring with you.


  • Keep your computer safe and sound
  • The MSI Urban Raider has everything you need for work and play, including a padded laptop sleeve
  • Get a padded, anti-shock design for maximum protection

EVERKI ContemPRO 117 Large Spacious 18.4-Inch Gaming Backpack

EVERKI ContemPRO 117 Large Spacious 18.4-Inch Gaming or Workstation Laptop Backpack with Rain Cover (EKP117B)

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ContemPRO Backpack is designed to accommodate your laptop, workstation and accessories with a main compartment that fits up to a 17-inch laptop and an additional front pocket with organizer for pens, cards and other small items. The backpack also features two side pockets on the outside of the bag. These pockets are perfect for keeping a water bottle, magazines and other things within easy reach.

The bag also comes with padded shoulder straps and back panel that are lined with breathable mesh materials to keep you comfortable while carrying large amounts of gear.


  • Fit up to 17-18-inch laptops securely & protect from damage with plush layer of protection
  • Special features you need every day—like easy access side pockets for water bottles, padded tablet/e-Reader pocket
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry around town or campus

FENRUIEN Anti-Theft Hard Shell Backpack

FENRUIEN Anti-Theft Hard Shell Backpack 15.6-Inch,Expandable Slim Business Travel Laptop Backpack for Men,Water-repellent Black Laptop Bag with USB Port

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The FenRuiEN Anti-Theft Hard Shell Backpack is your ideal travel companion. It has a smart USB port to charge your phone, tablet or other devices. This lightweight backpack also features a luggage belt and handles for easy carrying at the airport, train station or bus terminal.

The main compartment of this backpack opens up 180 degrees to give you a clear view of its contents. With its multiple compartments, this backpack can hold all your belongings in one place.

The ergonomic shoulder strap of the backpack is padded with sponge and mesh material for extra comfort.


  • Anti-theft, weatherproof, large capacity
  • Use the USB port to charge your phone
  • Reasonable Price Point

BOPAI Gaming Laptop Backpack

BOPAI Gaming Laptop Backpack Pc Blister Hard Shell Backpack for Men Business Anti Theft Backpack Waterproof College Backpack with USB Charging Travel Laptop Backpack 17.3 Inch

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The BOPAI laptop backpack is a hard shell computer backpack that features waterproof and anti theft design. It has a large capacity, which can fit 15 inch laptop, iPad, cell phone and other daily necessities. The laptop bag is made of high quality material with exquisite workmanship. This business backpack also comes with a USB charging port for your cell phone or tablet.

The Bopai Gaming Laptop Backpack is an excellent choice for any gamer. The laptop compartment is well padded and holds gaming laptops of any size and brand. The other compartments are great for carrying around other essential items such as power supplies, spare HDMI cables, other gaming accessories, and snacks.


  • Hard shell design with thick foam lining to protect your computer
  • Stylish laptop backpack
  • Ultra-roomy, capable to store everything you need for your day at work with ease

What is Important When Choosing a Gaming Backpack?

Along with all the gadgets a gaming backpack can store, there are other factors that you should consider before choosing your backpack; the cost, the material, the size, and the number of side pockets, to name a few.

The cost of the bag is usually determined by the quality. Gaming backpacks that come with many compartments and slots are usually more expensive than regular backpacks.

While some bags are made of tough materials like nylon, others are built to be lightweight. Backpacks for laptops include padded pockets to keep your laptop in place while you travel.

We collected some of the most important characteristics about the best gaming backpack below, so it would be easier for you to know what to look for.

Backpack Comfort

This is a crucial point and can even be a tiebreaker. You don’t want your gadgets to hit you from inside the backpack while you are moving. The padded straps of the backpack should also be ergonomic enough for extended usage. Thus, the comfort level of a backpack is an essential factor to consider before choosing one.

Furthermore, the backpack should be stable enough to stay in its place. If it topples over the chair or table you put it on, the shock would be too severe for your gadgets to survive.

A backpack should be ergonomic enough to not let you feel the weight of your gadgets. This is accomplished by having adjustable shoulder straps and a padded back to support your spine.

gaming backpack

Storage and Capacity

Of course, as any gamer knows, the basic video game setup has a number of gadgets involved. Any gaming backpack must have enough storage provision to fit all of that. There is no point if you have to compromise on which gadget you get to take with you. Spending money on such a backpack is also a total waste.

The backpack should have enough storage space to accommodate all your gadgets. Gaming laptops are also not the same size as regular laptops, so check for that extra compartment before you purchase a gaming backpack.

Bag Material

The material of the gaming backpack must be sturdy, durable, and light enough for you to carry. It should also be soft enough so that it won’t hurt your back.

Another important factor is that the material should be waterproof. Some people might compromise on this to fit the backpack into their budget, but we would strongly recommend picking up a waterproof gaming backpack. Your gadgets cost a lot, and they are among your most prized possessions. You don’t want water or liquid all over them at all.


Gaming backpacks, especially the high-end ones, can be quite expensive. However, you don’t have to worry because there are some really good budget options in this genre as well. Gaming backpacks usually offer a good bang for your buck and often include features that other backpacks don’t.

The price of a gaming backpack usually depends on its features, capacity, and build. Gaming backpacks that include extra compartments are usually more expensive, and are usually at a higher price, but for those who want performance without having to pay too much, there are many options available.

Aesthetic Design

When it comes to gamers, there is one characteristic that they have above others: pride. Gaming backpacks offer a way for them to display that pride from wherever they are. They can be in a number of colors with contrasting designs and styles. Gaming backpacks also come in stylish designs and materials with patches and logos of your favorite games. Gaming backpacks are also quite trendy, especially the high-end ones.

The intricacy of designing a backpack is what makes them all special in their own ways. Gaming backpacks can include an array of different designs with many additional features, giving you extensive customization options when it comes to getting one for yourself.

Resistance Properties

Gaming backpacks must be made of a material that will allow your gadgets to survive the rough and tumble lifestyle you lead. Gaming devices and accessories tend to take a lot of falls, so it’s important for the backpack to absorb those shocks. Gaming backpacks also need to have reinforced corners and walls, as well as durable zippers to make it through all weather conditions.
Wet gadgets usually mean a trip to the repair shop and a large sum on money spent. To prevent such unnecessary expenses, we recommend getting a waterproof gaming backpack that will keep your wet items dry and safe inside the bag.

Water Bottle Holders

Most of the budget gaming backpacks only have a place for small water bottles, while some high-end ones include a special compartment for holding bigger water bottles. Gaming backpacks should at least have mesh pockets to hold and air dry water bottles, as well as an additional outside pocket on which you can mount your favorite water bottle.


Backpack Weight

Another important factor to consider is weight. Gaming backpacks are usually very spacious and capable of holding numerous gadgets, leading to an increase in weight. For gamers who travel a lot, heavier weight can be quite burdensome. The best gaming backpacks should be light enough not to cause you any discomfort, but heavy enough that they don’t tear apart from the weight of your gadgets.

Backpack Compartments and Pockets

Gaming backpacks come with a lot of different pockets and compartments where you can store numerous items. Gaming backpacks usually have an external compartment for holding your laptop, as well as several internal pockets that can hold other gadgets such as your gaming consoles, controllers, and games.

Gaming backpacks also include smaller pockets and sections to store other items like your phone, wallet and keys. Gaming backpacks usually also include a special pocket for holding your gaming headset and earbuds, thus preventing them from getting tangled up on the inside of the bag and damaging other delicate items.


The gaming backpack you choose will define how convenient your traveling will be without compromising your gaming hours. You may be a streamer who also likes to travel (a rare combination indeed) or a pro-gamer traveling for a competition trying to keep up your practicing routine.

You would need all your gadgets handy, available, and ready to move. A convenient gaming backpack will make your life easier, and you won’t have to worry about leaving any of your gadgets behind.