Denial.CoD continues to cruise in MLG AW Season 1

Denial.CoD continues to cruise in MLG AW Season 1Denial eSports resumed league matches on December 22 with matches against Rise Nation and Optic Nation. Denial entered the night in third place in the season 1 standings with a record of 6-2.

Pitted against Rise Nation in their first match of the night, Denial had their hands full with a squad coming into their own in season 1 league play. Rise Nation, 4-8 in the league entering the night, consists of Wheats, Pacman, Chino, and Diabolic, who are all players with experience and the ability to cause problems for the Wolf Pack.

On the first map, Hardpoint on Retreat, Denial struggled early as they were down 104-88 after the first rotation of hills. Although down 16 points halfway through the map, Denial was not ready to give up. Replays led the way with 40 kills and an impressive 20 captures as Denial took map 1 by a score of 197-181. Rise cut the lead to single digits on the last hill, but Zooma had three crucial kills to secure the victory for Denial to take an early 1-0 series lead.

Denial looked to carry over their momentum onto the second map, Search and Destroy on Detroit. Although taking a 2-1 lead in rounds early in the match, Rise tallied five consecutive rounds to take map 2 by a score of 6-2. Wheats carried Rise through the map with 10 kills, and tied the series at 1-1 for Rise.

Map 3 was Uplink on Bio Lab, and although Denial struggled on the previous map, it did not faze the Wolf Pack as they took the third map by a score of 8-3. Denial took a quick 6-0 lead through the first three minutes of the map and never looked back. Attach had an impressive performance for Denial as he had 31 kills to go along with 5 of Denial’s 8 uplinks.

Denial took the 2-1 series lead into map 4, as they looked to secure the victory in the series on Capture the Flag on Bio Lab. Keeping it extremely close throughout the map, Rise fell short in the final seconds as Denial ended up taking the map 3-2 and winning the series by a map count of 3-1.

In their second match of the night, Denial looked to take down Optic Nation to finish off the night with a perfect record. Optic Nation’s recent roster change of dropping MBoZe for Synful to be accompanied by Karma, TeePee, and Proofy looked to be successful as they were victorious in their first match of the night against Automatic Reload by a score of 3-0.

Map 1 was Hardpoint on Solar, and as Denial typically does, dominated on this particular map and game combination. Denial took the map by a score of 249-129, led by another impressive Hardpoint performance by Replays. With 44 kills and 10 captures, Replays gave Denial the boost they needed to secure an easy first map victory to take the 1-0 series lead. Optic Nation was pitiful on this map as their 3-8 league record held true to their performance.

After dropping Search and Destroy on Detroit in their first match of the night, Denial was determined to avenge their loss on their second time around. Replays was outstanding again as he went 11-6 with a bomb plant to lead Denial to a 6-2 victory.

With the 2-0 series lead, Denial looked to close out the match on the third map, Capture the Flag on Bio Lab. Denial won this same map in their match earlier in the night, and had utter confidence as they began against Optic Nation looking to clinch the series. After trading captures in the first half, Denial and Optic Nation were at a crucial stalemate to begin the second half as they had each other’s flags in their bases. Optic Nation came out victorious as they returned their flag, which resulted in a capture to take the 2-1 lead. After adding another capture and trading once again, Optic Nation came out victorious 4-3. Synfula led Optic Nation with 30 kills and 3 defends to cut the series deficit to 2-1.

Map 4 was Uplink on Comeback, which Denial entered with confidence as it is one of the Wolf Pack’s best game modes. Denial took the early lead with 6 unanswered points in just three minutes. Denial led 10-2 at the half, and ended up holding on to take the map by a score of 12-9. With the map win, Denial took the series 3-1.

Denial ended the night with a 2-0 record and a 6-2 map count, improving the team’s record to 8-2 in league play. Replays played outstanding in both matches for Denial, with 40 kills in the first Hardpoint match and 44 in the second.

Denial continues league matches tomorrow, December 23, with matches against Team EnVyUs at 7:00pm and Aware Gaming at 8:30pm.