Denial.CoD Picks Up Where They Left Off in MLG AW Season 1

Denial.CoD Picks Up Where They Left Off in MLG AW Season 1After a tough 1-3 record last week, Denial entered their first league matches of the new week ready to turn their quality of play around. In their first match of the night, the Wolf Pack was pitted against Team EnvyUs, consisting of Clayster, Merk, JKap, and Nameless. Their 11-13 record may be deceiving as EnvyUs can be one of the best teams in the league when they’re playing at their best.

Denial got off to a hot start on the first map, Hardpoint on Solar, with a 123-77 lead after the first rotation of hills. As their lead began to diminish, Denial had only an eight-point lead entering the final hill. The Wolf Pack couldn’t take control of the final hardpoint and fell to EnvyUs by a score of 197-183.

After dropping the first map by a small margin, Denial began to turn the tides quickly. The Wolf Pack took Search and Destroy on Terrace by a score of 6-5, as Attach had 13 kills and Zooma added 11 more. Denial then claimed victory on the third map, Uplink on Bio Lab, to take a 2-1 series lead.

The Wolf Pack headed to Capture the Flag on Retreat to try and secure the series victory over Team EnvyUs. Despite surrendering a capture early, Denial fought back to win the map by a score of 2-1 and claim victory over EnvyUs in the series 3-1. Zooma led the Wolf Pack to victory in the final map with 26 kills and an essential flag capture.

Denial faced off against Automatic Reload, consisting of Burnsoff, Anticity, Gucci, and Blfire, in their second match of the night. In Automatic Reload’s first match of the night, they fell to OpTic Nation by a score of 3-0.

On the first map of the series, Hardpoint on Bio Lab, Denial had a solid lead of 120-90 halfway through the map. But just as they did in their first Hardpoint match of the night, their lead slowly dwindled away as they fell 216-179 and an early 1-0 series lead.

Search and Destroy on Riot was the second map, and as they did in their first series of the night, claimed victory on this game type. The Wolf Pack took the map by a score of 6-3 and tied the series up at 1-1, heading into the third map, Capture the Flag on Retreat.

Denial took an early 2-0 lead, but after surrendering two easy captures, they were tied at halftime. The teams traded caps in the second half as Automatic Reload scored with a mere 10 seconds left to tie the game up at 4-4 to send it into overtime. Denial captured the flag in just 27 seconds, giving Automatic Reload almost no time to respond. Zooma was crucial on the map with 32 kills, and Replays added three flag captures.

The Wolf Pack took the 2-1 series lead, looking to close out the series on Uplink on Comeback. Despite taking an early 6-0 lead, Automatic Reload closed the gap to 8-7 at halftime. The second half was Wolf Pack dominance as they claimed victory 14-8 and took the series by a score of 3-1. Saints led the way with 33 kills for the Wolf Pack.

Denial turned their quality of play around after a disappointing week last week as they went 2-0 with a 6-2 map count. The two maps they lost were both Hardpoint, and on both maps had a hefty lead after the first rotation of hills. All the Wolf Pack needs to do on Hardpoint is work on cleaning up their sloppy rotations on the second half and they wouldn’t squander early leads.

Denial are now 15-5 in the league, and retain second place behind OpTic Gaming. The Wolf Pack returns to action tomorrow, Tuesday, January 13, against Team eLevate at 7:00pm and Rise Nation at 8:30pm.