Denial Esports is now Hiring Staff Writers!

Denial Esports is now Hiring Staff Writers!Denial Esports has seen exponential grown this past year, from the dominance of our Call of Duty team to the addition of Denial.Halo and Denial.Smite. Because of this, we are in a position where we are looking for more writers to cover our team performances and other news on our website.

At this point in time, all staff writers are volunteers, however, there is potential for payment in the near future. In the meantime, this position allows you, a member of the community, a backstage pass to see how a top tier organization like Denial Esports operates from the ground floor, along with broadcasting your writing skills to a large audience.

If you are interested in this position, please send an email to mike.thomas(AT) with the subject line “Staff Writer Application”, and include an updated copy of your resume, a 500-word sample article about competitive esports, specifically Denial Esports, so that we can grade your writing ability, along with your Twitter handle and Skype username, so that we may contact you if we decide to pursue you for an interview.

We are specifically looking for writers to cover our Smite team, Halo team, DotA 2 team, and League of Legends content. If you are interested in writing for another branch of Denial Esports, feel free to submit an application, as we will look through these applications again if a position opens up.

The deadline, which was originally March 3rd, has been pushed back to March 7th. We will not accept any applications submitted after this date.

Do not send your application multiple times, this will immediately invalidate you from the position. If you are unsure if your application was received, tweet at @DenialSkyline to verify your submission has been received.
Good luck to everyone sending out applications, and hopefully some of you will be joining the Wolfpack!