Denial eSports Returns To Its Roots With Smite

Denial eSports Returns To Its Roots With SmiteDenial eSports has finally come back to its roots after 1 year of watching the eSport outgrow it’s first event at Atlanta, an event we proudly were a part of. We are proud to announce that we have signed 5 Angry Men, with them we get to welcome back three familiar faces and welcome two new ones to be part of the new Denial.Smite team.

With the team coming off a 2nd place finish in Week 1 of the Spring Split qualifiers, the team is fighting for one of the 4 spots in the NA Spring Split Qualifiers. The next set of matches will occur this weekend on the 21st at 12 pm and matches get streamed live via Twitch from the round of 16 at 1 pm EST.

Here are a few words from Captain Macetodadace and our COO Ray

We are excited and proud to be back in Smite, it’s where Denial eSports started, so it feels right to be back in it. We hope to continue supporting Smite as long as we can – Ray “Frozn” Arsenault COO

The last Denial Smite team was known for bringing excitement to the first few minutes of the game. I’m excited to work with Denial again and I hope that this team can prove to deliver the same kind of excitement to the upcoming smite season. With the strength of our roster and our discipline, I believe we can become the best team in season 2 of Smite. – CaptainMacetodaface

For more information regarding Spring Split Qualifiers go here, for a look at week one seeding you can check it out here.

Interested in trying out Smite? It’s a free to play 3rd Person MOBA, you can register and download it from here.