Denial.Halo Places 1st At UGC St. Louis

What a weekend for the Halo Championship Series. This is the series’ second LAN event, and the series’ first Diamond event of the season, making the largest HCS point give out to date. I had the pleasure of being at the event for all day Friday and all the way to end of round four for the winners bracket on Saturday, before making my long drive back home. Most of what I’ve missed, I have been able to watch through stream. Saturday, between rounds three and four, I also had the privilege of interviewing Scott “DenialCloud” Holste and Kyle “DenialChig” Lawson, some of which I will include a bit later in this post. Let’s start off with a refresher of what the standings were before UGC St. Louis.

1st) Counter Logic Gaming with 3080 HCS points

2nd) Evil Geniuses with 2790 HCS points

3rd) OpTic Halo with 1550 HCS points

4th) Cloud9 with 1475 HCS points

5th) Str8 Rippin with 920 HCS points

6th) Believe The Hype with 860 HCS points

7th) Denial with 335 HCS points

8th) Scorched eSports with 305 HCS points

Denial.Halo Places 1st At UGC St. LouisThis weekend has been one of many upsets that have many players, and even myself wondering and hoping that rules will be changed for future LAN events. The biggest problem of this weekend was black screens or frozen games. This happened, unfortunately, to few games during top eight placings, causing upset with many players. This has affected rounds including OpTic versus Denial, and OpTic versus Cloud9. Some think these issues may have been the reason OpTic lost against Denial and then next round causing OpTic to win over Cloud9. Hopefully these types of situations will receive some attention and will be corrected before the next LAN event. With that being said, as promised, my quick interview with two members of Denial.Halo.

Me: How long have you guys been playing the Halo series competitively?

Scott: I went to 2006 Chicago but started competing in 2007. (Earliest I could find on my own was 2007 Meadowlands, in which he took 17th with the team Rainbow Riders.)

Kyle: I first started being competitive in 2006 with Halo 2 with my first event being 2007 Meadowlands.

Me: When did you guys break out into the pro player community?

Scott: I first broke out into the pro community in 2007 at MLG Charlotte when I placed 4th in FFA. In 2008 I joined BTH/Ambush.

Kyle: 2008 MLG San Diego was my first break out into the pro community with Breaking Point, in which we placed 9th overall. (Looking this up I saw Scott with Believe The Hype in 6th place.)

Me: With both of you starting your careers off in Halo 2 what are some of your likes/dislikes of Halo 2 Anniversary?

Scott: The constant problems with the game are upsetting as well as the map selection being stuck to only three for HCS. I would like them to bring ranks into it. Other than that, though, it’s a fun game.

Kyle: I like it a lot. I think it is easier to shoot and snipe which is nice but I don’t like it also. I like the maps that we have right now, but would like to see more. I too, think ranks would be a nice addition to the game.

Me: How about any thoughts on the Halo 5 Beta?

Scott: It’s a fun game. I think it is harder to shoot but that will come with practice. The AR needs a buff and I am not really a fan of the sprint, thrusters, or the clamber really.

Kyle: It’s a fun game but still being a beta it will change a lot from what we are playing to what the actual game will be like. I really like the ranking system that they have going for Halo 5.

Me: Looking back how do you feel about Iron Gaming Columbus?

Scott: I’m happy with how we did. Our roster wasn’t what we wanted it to be (meaning Clutch subbed in for Chig) but I think we are better prepared for UGC than we were for IG.

With those questions answered, I wished the guys and their team good luck for the rest of the tournament and let them have some downtime before the start of round four winners bracket. Throughout the event, I tried to follow Denial the best I could so here are some detailed and some not so detailed results of their matches. Round 1 they had a bye so we will begin with round 2.

Round 2 had them playing against Cypher. Match 1 was CTF on Shrine which they won pretty quickly 3-0 but due to a screen freezing on the Cypher side they restarted the match in which the end result of the same 3-0. Match 2 had them playing Slayer on Lockdown in which they won 50-32 winning the series and moving onto round 3.

Round 3 had them against Don’t Trip. Match 1 was Team Crazy King on Lockdown in which they had complete map control and swept the game 200-28. Match 2 had them playing Slayer on Warlord in which they won 50-24 (it wouldn’t be the only steak they received during the tournament) which won them the series onto round 4.

Round 4 had them playing against Without Warning. Match 1 was their first oddball game type for the event in which they won 200-103. Match 2 would net them another steak with slayer Shrine with the score being 50-27 winning the series and moving onto round 5.

Round 5 and 6 I could not watch due to me driving back home so not a whole bunch of details for these rounds. Round 5 had them against EG in which they won both games in the last best of three games moving them onto round 6. Round 6 was the first best of five games and had them up against. OpTic Halo in which the won the series 3-1.

Round 7 had them against CLG. Match 1 had them playing Warlord bomb in which CLG had complete map control and won the game 4-1. Match 2 was Shrine Slayer with Denial coming out on top 50-39. Match 3 was Lockdown oddball in which Denial would win 200-80. Match 4 was Shrine CTF with Denial winning 3-1 moving them onto the Finals.

Sadly, I have no details for the finals other than the fact Denial beat out CLG again, taking first at the event and making a considerable jump in the overall standings of HCS season 1. Also, congratulations to Ryan “DenialRyaNoob” Geddes for winning the event’s MVP. Here are the top 8 finishes for the event, along with top 8 for overall:

UGC top 8: 1. DenialEsports 2. Counter Logic Gaming 3. EvilGeniuses 4. OpTicHalo 5. Cloud9gg 6. Str8 Rippin 7. eLevateGG 8. RealityCheckMLG

Current standings:

1st) Counter Logic Gaming with 5,580 HCS points

2nd) Evil Geniuses with 4,590 HCS points

3rd) Denial with 4,335 HCS points

4th) OpTic Halo with 2,750 HCS points

5th) Cloud9 with 2,075 HCS points

6th) Str8 Rippin with 1,470 HCS points

7th) Believe the Hype with 1,060 HCS points

8th) VwS Halo with 505 HCS points

Those standings have a chance of changing from now until the next LAN event because there are seven more online tournaments before the Gamers for Giving Platinum event, which is on February 21-22. This event is also the last chance for players to earn HCS points before the final. Details about the final were also given out at the closing of UGC. The finals will take place at PAX East in Boston, MA from March 6-8. The finals will have the top eight teams from NA as well as one team from the EU competing for a total of $50,000. More information can be found here on the Halo Waypoint site here.