Denial.Halo Places 2nd In PGL’s Online Tournament

Denial.Halo Places 2nd In PGL’s Online TournamentIt has been another busy week for the Denial.Halo team, ranging from the two-day online PGL tournament to DenialRyaNoob making a small team for Iron Gaming’s online tournament. Let’s talk about this weeks PGL 10k tournament.

PGL’s 10k tournament took the top 32 teams from the Halo 2 Anniversary team ladder and pitted them against each other for $10,000 cash and as always, bragging rights. The tournament was set so that the first two rounds were played January 16th, and the last three were played on January 17th. The tournament was BO5 for all the rounds, with rounds 2-4 being some variant of Warlord. With that being said, let’s move to what happened on the 16th.

Unfortunately, work kept me from watching any of the games that went down so all I have are the results of the first two rounds. Round one of the tournament, Denial played against Glorified. Denial won the series 3-1, moving on to round two. Round two had Denial playing against Same But Sometimes Not Same. They also won this series 3-1, allowing them to playing the 17th in round 3.

Round three put Denial against Believe The Hype. The first match type was Lockdown Slayer. They ended up restarting the game within the first minute or so when Denial was up 2-1 when DenialChig lagged out of the game. The restart did not go in Denial’s favor. BTH would take a strong lead in the beginning. Being almost down by 10, Denial would make a strong push and almost came through but in the end BTH won 50-45.

Match two was Warlord 3 CTF. DenialRyaNoob’s controller kept dying in the game, making it harder for Denial in an already close game. Each team would respond on flag capture with another, but in the end Denial would win with DenialRyaNoob capturing the last flag before being taken out by a swarm of grenades.

Match three was Warlord Slayer. With DenialRyaNoob having good portal control and the constant communication between the team, Denial made the series 2-1 with a 50-40 win.

Match four was Warlord 5 Bomb. BTH had total map control for almost the whole game, putting them up 4-2. Denial was able to rally a comeback and tie the game up 4-4 but in the end Denial got out-slayed and lost the game 5-4 tying the series 2-2.

Match five was Shrine Slayer. This game was another close game, but Denial hadhave better map and slayer cotrol, winning the game 50-40 and moving onto the semi-finals.

The semi-finals put Denial against the number one seeded team of the tournament, eXellence Gaming. The first match type was Shrine Slayer. Denial dominated the map with DenialMikwen carrying the bulk of the kills with 17. Denial won the game 50-32.

Match two had them play Oddball on Warlord. Denial once again showed that with their team chemisty and excellent communication, they could control games. That is what happened this game. DenialChig carried the ball 114 seconds out of their 200-82 win over eXellence Gaming.

Match three was Warlord Slayer. It was DenialRyaNoob’s turn to carry the team in this close slayer game. He net 18 kills out of their 50-32 win. With the series being 3-1 Denial would move onto the Finals.

The Finals pit Denial against Evil Geniuses. The first match of the finals was Lockdown Slayer. EG proved in the beginning that they were a strong slaying team and took a commanding lead. The kept a plus ten lead for most of the game until Denial with a few successful pushes came back and tied the game up 42-42. Unfortunately, Denial could not push back the EG advance and the lost the game 50-44.

Match two was Warlord Oddball. Denial showed that Oddball is one of their strongest game types. Though EG pushed Denial’s skills to the limit, Denial proved to be the better guard of the carrier winning the game 200-112.

Match three was Warlord Slayer. EG once again showed that they are a slaying team, having control of the map and keeping Denial at bay. Denial was not able to gain control of the map and spawns lost the game 50-36, making the series 2-1 in EG’s favor.

Match four was Warlord Team Crazy King. I can barely do justice describing the type of game this was. EG dominated hill A whenever it popped up, while it was a constant fight over all the other hills. Denial was in the lead towards the end, but with some luck and skill on EG’s side they were able to tie the game up 136-136 right as the time ended. Being a tie they had to redo the whole game over again. The start of the replay did not go in Denial’s favor. EG showed complete control being as far up as 53-3. After that though, Denial made a strong comeback and tied the game up again 162-162. Sadly enough, EG would be able to out slay Denial just enough towards the end, gaining enough hill time to where Denial could not come back no matter what. The final score was 180-165. The series was 3-1 with EG in first and Denial right behind them, taking second and winning $4,000 cash.

Before the PGL tournament, DenialRyaNoob along with Whos Randa, Nemassist MN, and Svepector, teamed up together to represent Denial.Halo in Iron Gaming’s Online Halo 2: Anniversary 4v4 Tournament that took place on Thursday, January 15th. The tournament was a 32 team, free to enter tournament that had BO3 until the Finals, which were BO5. Denial had a bye the first round so we will be jumping straight into Round 2.

Round 2 had Denial playing against Gravity. The first match was Warlord 5 Bomb. Denial showed total map control of the game, sweeping Gravity and winning the game 5-0.

The second match had the teams playing Shrine Slayer. Gravity proved themselves as a slayer type team throughout the match, but in the end Denial took the series with a 50-41 win.

Round 3 pit Denial against Vanquish. The first game type was Warlord 5 CTF. Denial continued to show total map control on Warlord, coming out on top 5-0, winning their first match of the series.

Match two had them play Lockdown Slayer. Vanquish stayed neck and neck with Denial almost pushing the series to three games, but Denial ended up making the right moves and winning the series 50-46 moving onto the Semi-Finals.

The Semi-Finals had Denial go up against Critical Reaction. The first match against the two teams would be Shrine 3 CTF. Denial, showing no signs of slowing down their perfect run in objective game types, would sweep the game 3-0.

The second match had them play Warlord Slayer. Denial won the game 50-41, moving them onto the Grand Finals.

The Grand-Finals, Denial vs Noble Black, was a BO5 series. Match one had them play Shrine 3 CTF. Denial, continued showing they were one of the better objective teams, and won the match 3-1.

Match two was Warlord Slayer. Denial kept the game close, but in the end, Noble Black proved to be the better slayer, winning the game 50-40.

Match three had them on Lockdown KOTH. Slaying once again proved useful to Noble Black. Noble Black had map control most of the game, which would net them a second win 179-107.

Match four had them back at Warlord playing 5 CTF. Both teams had almost even control of the map the whole game. But in the end, Denial was able to keep Noble Black at bay and win the game 3-2, making the series 2-2, forcing the fifth game.

The fifth match would see the teams back at Shrine playing Slayer. Denial out-played Noble Black, with better control of the map, netting them the win 50-42, winning the tournament and taking home $200.

This week showed that even though Denial may have started out slow in the beginning of HCS, they are a team to be reckoned with. Denial.Halo will be back January 25th, 2015 for the HCS #4 Cup.