Denial.Halo Places 3rd in HCS Cup #6

Denial.Halo Places 3rd in HCS Cup #6Another week has passed and so has another HCS online tournament. Denial.Halo, who won HCS Cups #4 and #5, was looking for another win to close the gap between CLG. HCS Cup #6 was played on Sunday, February 8th. The standings before the event were as follows:

1st) Counter Logic Gaming with 6530
2nd) Denial with 5795
3rd) Evil Geniuses with 4960
4th) OpTic Halo with 2750
5th) Cloud9 with 2560
6th) Str8 Rippin with with 1710
7th) eLevate with 685
8th) VwS Halo with 580

I had the pleasure of watching the tournament through Cloud’s stream. 61 teams checked in for the weekend’s tournament and with Denial having the second seed, they had a bye the first round.

Round two was Denial vs Strafe. Match one was Warlord 5 CTF. Denial started the match out strong, gaining control of the map in the beginning. Strafe was able to break Denial’s hold and capture a flag. But after that, Denial regained map control winning the game 5-1. Flag captures are as follows: Chig 2, Mikwen 1, RyaNoob 1, and Cloud 1.

Match two was Shrine Slayer. Cloud showed off his snipe skills and got an amazing no scope early on in the game. Denial showed off their slayer skills winning the game 50-39. Kill points are as follows: Mikwen 18, Could, 12, RyaNoob 12, and Chig 8. Taking the series 2-0, Denial moved onto round three.

Round three was Denial vs Eternity Gaming. Match one was Shrine 3 Bomb. Cloud continued to show his snipe skills, netting multiple kills that helped the team plant the first two bombs. Eternity Gaming was not able to recover and lost the game 3-0. Bomb plants are as follows: Chig 1, RyaNoob 1, and Cloud 1.

Match two was Warlord Slayer. Denial kept overall control of the map the entire game getting another win at 50-38. Kill points are as follows: RyaNoob 15, Chig 15, Mikwen 13, and Cloud 7. With the win, Denial won the series 2-0 and moved on to round four.

Round 4 was Denial vs eLevate. Match one was Shrine 3 CTF. The beginning of the game had a slight hiccup and had to be restarted. This was a close match between the two teams throughout the entire game. The first capture did not take place until seven minutes into the match by eLevate. It looked like Denial would not score the entire game but 11 minutes into the game that they took their first flag. Shortly after their first capture, Denial was able to get a second capture, winning the game 2-1. Flag captures are as follows: Cloud 1 and Chig 1.

Match two was Lockdown Slayer. This was one of the closet game Denial has had in a long time. They were down 22-11 at one point in the game. But with communication and teamwork, Denial was able to make a comeback and tie the game up at 30-30. The rest of the match continued to be a close one with it eventually reaching 49-49. Denial held down the Library and eLevate the Snipe Tower. With less than a minute left, a member from eLevate pushed out into middle in which Denial was waiting for and Cloud was able to take the game winning kill. Winning the series 2-0 Denial went onto round five.

Round five was Denial vs EG. Match one was Shrine 3 Bomb. Denial and EG went at it for the whole 15 minutes of regular time. Unfortunately, EG had better map control during the game and took the series first win 1-0 over Denial.

Match two was Warlord Slayer. The game was close throughout the entire match with EG having a slight point advantage. Denial, unfortunately, was not able to break the hold the EG had on the map and took another loss 50-45. Kill points are as follows: RyaNoob 15, Cloud 12, Chig 11, and Mikwen 7. Denial went 0-2 in the series and getting in the losers bracket to fight for third place.

The fight for third place was Denial vs Noble Black. Match one was Lockdown Oddball. Denial started the game off with a good lead and looked like they would carry the game away. Noble Black was able to get the ball back and hold it down in the Library until Denial was able to break their hold and get the ball back winning the game 200-133. Carry times are: RyaNoob 107, Chig 73, Cloud 15, and Mikwen 5.

Match two was Shrine Slayer. This was yet another close game for Denial. Unfortunately, Denial was not able to out slay Noble Black, losing the match 50-47 and causing a third match. Kill points are as follows: Chig 14, Mikwen 10, Cloud 11, and RyaNoob 10.

Match three was Warlord King Of The Hill. This tested both teams abilities as neither team could reach the 200 points need to win. Denial walked away with the most points when the timer ran out, winning the game and series, 164-131. Hill times are: Cloud 85, RyaNoob 57, Chig 15, and Mikwen 7.

Denial walked away from HCS Cup #6 in third place and another 240 points bringing them only 570 points away from CLG. Noble Black being on the track that they are, broke into the top 8 taking out VwS Halo for eighth place. Current placing and points are as follows:

1st) CLG with 6605
2nd) Denial with 6035
3rd) Evil Geniuses with 5510
4th) OpTic Gaming with 3110
5th) Cloud 9 Halo with 2585
6th) Str8 Rippin with 1760
7th) eLevate with 785
8th) Noble Black with 595

HCS Cup #7 which will start 2PM EST Sunday, February 15th. This will be the final online cup of the season so make sure to catch Denial at, or