Denial.Halo Places 3rd in HCS Cup #7

Denial.Halo Places 3rd in HCS Cup #7HCS Cup 7 has passed, meaning that the season is coming to a close. HCS Cup 7 was played on February 16th and was the last online cup for the season, and the second to last event overall. The standings before Cup 7 were as follows:

1st) CLG with 6605
2nd) Denial with 6035
3rd) Evil Geniuses with 5510
4th) OpTic Gaming with 3110
5th) Cloud 9 Halo with 2585
6th) Str8 Rippin with 1760
7th) eLevate with 785
8th) Noble Black with 595

Denial still holding the second seed had a bye the first round.

Round two was Denial vs Team Quick Strike. Match one was Warlord Team Crazy King. Denial had complete map control throughout the whole game, having an easy win of 200-8. Hill time as follows: Chig 113, RyaNoob 43, Cloud 32, and Mikwen 12.

Match two was Lockdown Slayer. Denial continued to sweep the series against TQS netting them a steaktacular with a score of 50-29. Kill points are as follows: Mikwen 16, Cloud 12, RyaNoob 11, and Chig 11. Denial swept the series 2-0 moving onto round three.

Round three was Denial vs Rebellion. Match one was Shrine 3 CTF. Rebellion proved to be a tough match against Denial. Cloud and Chig played the objective while RyaNoob and Mikwen slayed. Denial came out on top winning the game a close 3-2. Flag captures are as follows: RyaNoob 1, Cloud 1, and Chig 1.

Match two was Warlord Slayer. Rebellion, again, stepped up to the challenge that is Denial and lead the game up until the end. Denial was able to tie the game at 43-43 and in the end, won the game 50-48. Kill points are as follows: Chig 17, Cloud 15, RyaNoob 11, and Mikwen 7. Winning the series 2-0, Denial moved onto round four.

Round 4 was Denial vs eLevate. Match one was Shrine 3 CTF. Denial had control of the power weapons and of the map. With control of both, Denial was able to capture and defend with ease. Denial won the game 3-0. Flag capture are as follows: RyaNoob 1, Chig 1, and Cloud 1.

Match two was Warlord Slayer. eLevate stepped it up a notch this round and had better control of the map and portals. With that being said, it was not enough for them to take a win over Denial. Denial won the game 50-46. Kill points are as follows: Cloud 18, Mikwen 12, RyaNoob 10, and Chig 10. Denial took the series 2-0 and moved to round five.

Round five was Denial vs EG. Match one was Lockdown Oddball. EG immediately started the game off with complete map control. By doing so, they moved the ball around from Tower to Library for a full 133 seconds before Denial stopped the setup. Denial was able to score 83 points but that was not enough to stop EG from winning the game 200-83. Ball time is as follows: Chig 39, RyaNoob 37, and Cloud 7.

Match two was Shrine Slayer. EG once again had control of the rings, granting them control of the map and point lead over the entire game. Denial was able to catch up with EG 40-40 but that was not enough to stop EG. EG won the game 50-45 knocking Denial out. Kill points are as follows: Mikwen 16, RyaNoob 13, Chig 9, and Cloud 7.

Denial was to play Noble Black for third, but after beating CLG earlier on in the tournament they forfeited the rest of their matches. By doing so, Denial took third overall in the tournament with current point standings as follows:

1st) CLG with 6680
2nd) Denial with 6275
3rd) Evil Geniuses with 6060
4th) OpTic Gaming with 3470
5th) Cloud 9 Halo with 2635
6th) Str8 Rippin with 1810
7th) eLevate with 860
8th) Noble Black with 755

The only event left for season one is Gamers For Giving. The prize for first place at G4G is 3000 points and $6,000. For Denial, best case scenario is that they take first and by doing so have first seed overall by the end of the season. Even with a worst case scenario, Denial would still be within top five. Either way, expect to see Denial go to the finals in Boston at PAX East.

Gamers For Giving takes place in Michigan, February 21-22 while the finals take place in Boston March 6-8. If you can’t go to either events make sure to catch the game play at