Denial.Halo Secures 3rd Seed For Season 1 Playoffs

Denial.Halo Secures 3rd Seed For Season 1 PlayoffsGamers For Giving took place February 21-22 and was the last regular season tournament for HCS Season 1. Gamers For Giving was a Platinum level tournament, with first place taking home 3,000 points along with $6,000. With a first place prize of that value, it gave hope to the other teams not in the top eight as they could get in the top eight with a high enough placing. Here are what the top eight standings were before the event:

1st) CLG-6,680
2nd) Denial-6,275
3rd) Evil Geniuses-6,060
4th) OpTic Gaming-3,470
5th) Cloud 9 Halo-2,635
6th) Str8 Rippin-1,810
7th) eLevate-860
8th) Noble Black-755

The first team Denial played against was Team Legendary. Match one was Warlord 5 Bomb. Denial swept the game with a 4-0 win. Match two was Shrine Slayer. Denial once again pulled nothing back and won the game 50-35. Winning the series, Denial moved onto the next round.

In round two, Denial played Scorched Halo off of the main stage. Denial continued their dominance and won the series 2-0.

Round three was Denial vs eLevate. Match one was Warlord Team Crazy King. Denial showed total rotation control winning the game 200-96. Match two was Lockdown Slayer. With some excellent communication and teamwork, Denial was able to take a slow start of a game to a win of 50-36. Match 3 was Warlord Oddball. Denial took complete control of the map again against eLevate and won the game 200-35. Winning the series 3-0, Denial moved onto the next round.

Round four was Denial vs Evil Geniuses. Match one was Warlord 5 CTF. While it was a close match throughout the game, Denial could not come back and lost the game 3-4. Second Match was Shrine Slayer. In what was another nail biter of a game, Denial fell short for the second game in a row against EG losing 44-50. The third match was Lockdown Team Crazy King. Denial was able to get their momentum back up and win the game 200-115, forcing a game four. Match four was Shrine Bomb. EG was able to get a bomb score taking the lead 1-0. Unfortunately, Denial was never able to answer back, losing the game a close 0-1. The series was 1-3 forcing Denial into the losers bracket.

Denial’s first team in the losers bracket was Cloud9. Match one was Shrine Bomb. Denial had total bomb control in the game winning the game 2-0. Match two was Warlord Slayer. Cloud9 was able to answer back from last game and take the win 39-50 over Denial. Match three was Lockdown Oddball. Cloud9 was able to outslay Denial winning the game 115-200. Match four was Warlord 5 CTF. Denial held the lead throughout the entire game until the last minute. Within the last minute, Cloud9 was able to score to flags giving them the lead 3-4. Denial was not able to answer back and lost the game 3-4. Losing the series 1-3 Denial had one more round to go for 5th/6th place.

Denial ended up placing 5th in the tournament after winning against eLevate again in the series 3-1. With Gamers For Giving over the final standings for Season 1 are as follows:

1st) Evil Geniuses-9,060
2nd) CLG-8,680
3rd) Denial-6,725
4th) OpTic Halo-4,870
5th) Cloud9-3,535
6th) Str8 Rippin-1,960
7th) eLevate-1,260
8th) Noble Black-905
EU team Vibe

With less than two weeks to go until Season 1 finals, no doubt all nine teams will train their hardest to show that they deserve to win. Vibe will play against Noble Black for a chance to knock Noble Black out of the tournament and play against EG. In round one, Denial’s first opponent will be Str8 Rippin. The finals will take place March 6th-8th in Boston at PAX East.