Denial.Halo Wins HCS Cup #4

Denial.Halo Wins HCS Cup #4Yet another week has passed, which means another HCS Cup has occurred. HCS Cup #4 was played on January 25th and was a critical cup for Denial because it decided if they stayed second seed or not. Here are what the standing were before the cup:

1st) Counter Logic Gaming with 6,130 HCS points
2nd) Denial with 4,695 HCS points
3rd) Evil Geniuses with 4,640 HCS points
4th) OpTic Halo with 2,750 HCS points
5th) Cloud9 with 2,125 HCS points
6th) Str8 Rippin with 1,710 HCS points
7th) eLevate with 610 HCS points
8th) VwS Halo with 580 HCS points

This week I followed Mikwen, and with that said let’s jump into the events of the cup.

Denial.Halo started off the competition with a bye in the first round so we’ll jump right into round two.

Round two was Denial vs Reflex. Match one was Team Crazy King on Lockdown. Denial had complete map control throughout the entire match. Mikwen provided excellent support in keeping Reflex away from the hill as well as gathering the majority of the hill for the team. Denial walked away with the game 200-15, with scores as follows: Mikwen 103, Chig 45, Cloud 35, and RyaNoob 17.

Match two was Slayer on Shrine. Mikwen started off the game with a beautiful headshot with the sniper through the waterfall. The game was going in Denial’s favor until it lagged out 27-12 Denial. Denial went ahead and redid the match even though they didn’t have to according to the rules. Unfortunately, Reflect still couldn’t get into the groove of the game with the redo and lost 50-27, netting Denial their first steak of the day. Kills are as follows: Chig 15, Mikwen 13 (got an overkill but no extermination), RyaNoob 11, and Cloud 11. Denial went 2-0 in the series moving them onto the next round.

Round three was Denial vs Underground Kings. Match one was CTF on Shrine. Denial was able to keep Undergound Kings trapped in their base for the majority of the match. RyaNoob stole the flag first and took it all the way to the base where Mikwen made the capture. Chig ran the second flag himself making the game 2-0. Underground Kings proved difficult for some time, but in the end Denial was able to out kill and RyaNoob made the final capture.

Match two was Slayer on Lockdown. Undergound Kings proved to be stronger slayers than objective players. Even so, Mikwen, off his spawn in B1, ran under to S1 to win the game with a triple kill using just one grenade and a few well placed shots. Kills are as follows: Chig 15, Cloud 15, Mikwen 15, and RyaNoob 5. With the win, Denial moved onto the fourth round.

Round four was Denial vs Crusade Halo. Match one was Team Crazy King on Lockdown. Denial had good control of the hills for the better part of the match. Crusade Halo was able to get some time in on the hills but it wasn’t enough for a win. Denial won the match 200-69. Time in hill is as follows: Chig 97, Mikwen 62, Cloud 37, and RyaNoob 4.

Match two was Slayer on Warlord. Mikwen started the game off with an amazing triple kill, just missing his fourth kill for a extermination. After that, though, the game was as close as you could possibly get. Denial was down 43-40 late in the game, but with some excellent communication, Denial won the match 50-48, moving onto the quarter-finals. Kills for the game are as follows: Mikwen 16, Cloud 14, RyaNoob 11, and Chig 9.

The quarter-finals was Denial vs Noble Black. Denial decided as a whole to take down their streams in case of DDOS attacks. With that said, all I have are the results. Match one was CTF on Warlord. Denial won the match 5-0. Match two was Slayer Shrine which Noble barely took 50-48. Match three was Oddball Warlord with Denial winning 200-95 moving them onto the semi-finals.

Semi-finals put Denial vs Evil Genuises. Match one was Multi-Bomb Warlord. Denial started the game out strong with gaining a huge lead and going 2-0. EG was able to recover quickly and soon enough the game was tied. The game went into overtime by two minutes and when EG was about to get the last point, Mikwen was able to pull off a double kill, stopping the arm. With that double kill, Denial was able to push forward and plant the last bomb winning 3-2. Stats for the match are as follows: Chig 1 arm, RyaNoob 1 arm, and Cloud 1 arm. Cloud and Mikwen also proved to be the top slayers this game with 47 and 41 kills respectively.

Match two was Slayer on Lockdown. RyanNoob ran into some lagging issues in the beginning of the match which had the teams reset the game. Once the game started up it was a close one. Denial held down BR Tower while EG held down Sniper Tower for the majority for the game. Mikwen once again showed how ruthless he is with the sniper rifle getting a double kill snapshot during the game. Denial pulled through in the end and won the game 50-47 moving onto the finals.

The finals was Denial vs Cloud9. Match one was CTF on Warlord. Denial showed total control of the map, quickly winning the match 5-0. Flag capture breakdown is as follows: Chig 3, Cloud 1, and RyaNoob 1.

Match two was Slayer on Shrine. Denial once again demonstrated how important teamwork and communication is in a game such as this. By doing so, they walked away with another win 50-39. Kills are as follows: Cloud 20, Chig 13, RyaNoob 9, and Mikwen 8.

Match 3 was Team Crazy King on Warlord. C9 put up a tough fight against Denial but it was not enough to come back from the series. Denial outplayed C9 winning the game 200-153. Hill time is as follows: Chig 90, RyaNoob 48, Mikwen 38, and Cloud 23.

With the win, Denial walked away with $750 and further securing their place as second seed. With the completion of this tournament and Denial winning over EG none of the top eight seeds swapped places. Top eight seed is still:

1st) Counter Logic Gaming with 6,290
2nd) Denial with 5,245
3rd) Evil Geniuses with 4,800
4th) OpTic Halo with 2,750
5th) Cloud9 with 2,485
6th) Str8 Rippin with 1,710
7th) eLevate with 685
8th) VwS Halo with 580

You can catch Denial in this weekend’s HCS Cup #5, which will be played on January 31st at 2PM eastern time.