Denial.Halo Wins HCS Cup #5

Denial.Halo Wins HCS Cup #5I want to start by giving a shout out to Denial.CoD for winning this weekend’s MLG 2K, bringing yet another win in for the wolfpack. This week was also an eventful week for Denial.Halo, who played on Saturday, January 31st in HCS Cup #5. Cup standings before the the tournament were as follows:

1st) Counter Logic Gaming with 6290
2nd) Denial with 5245
3rd) Evil Geniuses with 4800
4th) OpTic Halo with 2750
5th) Cloud9 with 2485
6th) Str8 Rippin with with 1710
7th) eLevate with 685
8th) VwS Halo with 580

With the tournament being moved to Saturday, so as not to clash with the Super Bowl, the turnout was considerably smaller with only 42 teams competing in the cup. That being said, Denial still had a bye their first round, waiting to play either Rhythm or Levitate Halo.

Round two was Denial vs Rhythm. Match one was Lockdown Team Crazy King. RyaNoob played the objective for the majority of the game, gathering the most points for the team. Denial took the first game with their superior map control 200-74. Hill time for Denial is as follows: RyaNoob 104, Mikwen 49, Chig 29, and Cloud 18.

Match two was Warlord Slayer. Rhythm showed that they were good slayers, but in the end it wasn’t enough. Denial won 50-40 with team kills as follows: Chig 15, Ryan 13, Mikwen 12, and Cloud 10. Series was 2-0 moving Denial into round 3.

Round three was Denial vs Defiance. Match one was Warlord 5 Bomb. Match one was slow to start, making the teams reset the match, and not for the last time would that plague Denial. With the reset, Denial started off killing all four members of Defiance and netting the first bomb plant in under 15 seconds. That set the motion for the rest of the match with Denial winning 5-2.

Match two was Shrine Slayer. This match had to be restarted twice due to lagging issues. Once the game started, Defiance kept it close between them and Denial not letting up. Denial walked in the end with the win 50-43 with team kills as follows: Mikwen 20, RyaNoob 12, Cloud 10, and Chig 8. Series was then 2-0, moving them into the quarter finals.
The quarter finals was Denial vs Noble Reality Check. NRC forfeited the series before a game could be played, moving Denial right into the semi finals.

The quarter finals was Denial vs EG. Match one was Warlord Team Crazy King. This match plagued the teams with lag issues, stopping the match mid game with Denial up by 30 points. Lunchbox stepped out because of the lag issues with Towey taking his place. They restarted the map with Denial having a 30 second lead. Nothing seemed to phase Denial this day as they added another win under their belt.

Match two was Shrine Slayer. This match also had lag issues but after a few restarts, the game finally started. Denial almost got to walk away with a steak this game, but EG wouldn’t allow it to happen. Denial won the match 50-32 with team kills as follows: RyaNoob 14, Cloud 13, Chig 12, and Mikwen 11. Denial took the series 2-0, moving them onto the finals.

The finals had Denial vs Noble Black. Match one was Shrine 3 Bomb. Up and coming Noble Black showed that they are team to be reckoned with. They kept the game at 0-0 all the way to the last minute when Denial was able to get one arm in taking the lead 1-0. Noble Black couldn’t rally back in the last minute, and Denial walked away with the first win of the series, with Chig having the only bomb plant in game.

Match two was Lockdown Slayer. This proved to be yet another close game with both teams pushing and defending throughout the game. Noble Black was able to squeeze by in the end and win the game 50-47. Denial team kills were as follows: Chig 15, RyaNoob 13, Mikwen 11, and Cloud 8. Series 1-1.

Match three was Warlord Oddball, which to me seems to be Denial’s game. Denial was able to keep Noble Black as bay for the majority of the game, walking away with another win making the series 2-1. Oddball points for Denial are as follows: RyaNoob 108, Chig 55, Cloud 21, and Mikwen 16.

Match four was Warlord 5 CTF. This was another close game for both teams. RyaNoob almost walked away with an overkill and extermination, but his fourth kill turned into an assist. Denial showed that they were the better team, winning the game and the tournament 3-2, with flag captures by RyaNoob, Chig, and Mikwen.

Denial walked away for the second week in a row in first place and with another $750 in their pocket. With this tournament over, the top eight standings remained the same. Denial is slowly catching up to CLG in points while further securing their second seed place. Noble Black, while not top eight currently, showed they are not a team to be taken lightly, and if they continue to play how they were this weekend very well could end up being a top eight team before the finals. New point standings are as follows:

1st) Counter Logic Gaming with 6530
2nd) Denial with 5795
3rd) Evil Geniuses with 4960
4th) OpTic Halo with 2750
5th) Cloud9 with 2560
6th) Str8 Rippin with with 1710
7th) eLevate with 685
8th) VwS Halo with 580

Make sure to catch Denial.Halo for the next HCS Cup on Sunday February 8th at 2PM EST.