Robby Ringnalda (ringokid)

Robby Ringnalda (ringokid)


Having been involved with video gaming for a very long time, I was looking for a way to combine my interests in business and gaming. We developed the company structure of Denial Esports after evaluating different company structures and decided to move forward with the current structure, which provides the best environment both for gamers and sponsors, and provide the maximum entertainment for the fans.

Ray Arsenault (FroZn)

Ray Arsenault (FroZn)


Ray “FroZeNaDe” Arsenault has been in competitive gaming since the release of SOCOM 1. From the start FroZeNaDe enjoyed competitive gaming at the highest level. Which lead to moving over to Call of Duty. From there he has since changed to the business side of the industry.

Executive Team

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Team Mgmt

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Media Team

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Journalist Team

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John Perd (Jp) – General Manager

Mike Thomas (Skyline) – Editor In Chief

Hamza Khalid (TechSavvyDJ) – Technical Manager

Daniel Kross (Kross) – Marketing / Audience Development

Dan L (Nine Lives) – Audience Development

James Santillan (Denial Sneak) – Human Resources Manager

Denial Team Management

Justin “Spikemouth” Saboo – Halo Team Manager

Thinker – Dota Team Manager

Collin “Miraclewhip” McKenzie – CS:GO Team Manager

Rodolfo “Rotendo” Camarena  – Fighting Game Manager

Denial Media Team

Blaze - Head Of Media

Ayliuss - Head Of Media

Denial Journalist Team

NateNateVancil” Vancil – CoD Journalist

NickNeezy” Aldridge – CSGO Journalist

JacobAdmiralBunny” Oberle – Halo Journalist

RyanOblivionKnight” Schroeder – Smite Journalist

ChadCrickett” C – LoL Journalist

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