eSports Betting Tips

More and more bookmakers offer eSports in addition to classic sports. If you are into computer games, you may think that this is an easy way to earn money…. Well, such thinking may be counterproductive.

The world of gambling and match betting is full of pitfalls in eSports as well. We have prepared an eSports betting guide, in which we may not tell you who will win the next major, but we will give you some tips to help you increase your capital.

How to Bet on eSports?

Whether you are an expert in eSports or not, you can lose a significant part of your capital without proper knowledge of how to bet on matches. Betting has its own rules, and we’d like to introduce them to you. Here are some eSports betting tips that will protect your capital:

esports betting

  • Focus on your favorite eSports game. Bet on matches in a game you like and understand. Even if you see attractive odds, without the proper knowledge, you could be risking a lot. Perhaps the odds are so appealing for a reason you don’t even know about? Ideally, it would be best if you bet on a game that you play or watch. This immediately reduces your risk and gives you an experience advantage that people who don’t play the game may not.
  • Follow an eSports team. Before betting on an eSports team with attractive odds, observe it. It may matter if the team does not have too many events in their calendar recently — remember that eSports players are also humans, and they do get tired. Even if they’re on a good streak, their performance may drop significantly after a few events played in a row. Following eSports teams’ change is a way to get an advantage over other bettors and find attractive odds.
  • Get to know and follow eSports players. We see new faces appearing on the eSports scene all the time, and you should keep up to date if you want to earn from betting on matches successively. Nowadays, you even have the opportunity to talk to players about how they feel before a game, if only through the platform. You can even get to know them, get some behind-the-scenes details about the game and thus gain an advantage over others! Just knowing that Team A is feeling jittery before a match or that their most important player has a bad day can make you decide to bet on Team B.
  • Set a betting budget. Set yourself the amount of capital that you want to spend on betting on eSports matches. Without this, you may find yourself dropping too much money, and by knowing what your limit is, you will be able to manage your capital much more efficiently. This does not only apply to real money but also skins and in-game items. Any betting above the value of your capital will be more akin to gambling than intelligent match betting.
  • Look around for the best eSports odds. Are you sure about the outcome you want to bet on? Find the odds that will bring you the most profit! Use not one but several eSports betting sites and research to find the most cost-effective course. Remember that the final profit depends on the number of fees and commissions charged by the bookmaker.
  • Know the rules of the game. Keep in mind that every tournament and league has a format in which tournament organizers may determine the winner of a match differently than you think. Always check the match rules before betting, especially games played in BO1 (one win) format. Taking the opportunity, we invite you to check out our article “What are eSports tournaments?” where we briefly discuss eSports tournament formats terminology.
  • Prepare a betting strategy. Okay, you already understand the eSports scene, and you know exactly how much capital you want to invest — now it’s time to prepare a strategy. This will be especially useful when betting on the winner of a particular group or the entire tournament. Analyze the statistical chances of winning each tournament participant (maybe even write everything down on a piece of paper) and see the odds on different sites, and… act. However, try to avoid betting on matches without proper strategy and analysis. Just like in poker — not all seemingly attractive hands are worth playing; sometimes, it’s worth folding.
  • Focus on the eSports match. Once you have placed a bet, watch the game, especially if it is live betting. Watching matches is another way to gain experience with tournament rules, the players’ form, and changes in the eSports scene. It’s also an excellent way to see if the betting strategy you’ve chosen will work. If not, you’ll have to conclude, so you don’t lose more capital in the future.
  • Pay attention to the winning form. Watch the top teams and players, and if you sense a winning streak coming — place a bet. It will require a lot of analysis and staying up to date with the eSports scene, but trust us; it will be worth it. Very often, if a given eSports team is in top form, it will be hard to find good odds, which is why we remind you to analyze all bookmakers in this regard.

esports betting tips

These are, in our opinion, the most valuable betting tips in eSports. As you can see, they don’t differ much from the ones you would typically give in classic sports… and with that, we want to encourage you to read our next article on “is eSports a sport?”. You’ll be surprised at how many things electronic sports and classic sports share.

What is the Gambling Legislation for Your Country of Residence?

Before placing a bet, you may be puzzled as to why the site you want to do so is unavailable. Well, this could be due to the gambling regulations in your country. Even if the law in your country/state has nothing against betting on matches, if you can play games such as Jackpot or CS:GO Coinflip on the same site, this may by itself exclude the site and make it illegal to use in your country.

And even if the online bookmaker you want to use works, check to see if it’s 100% legal and if there’s any limit to making money this way. Check the laws in your country and the rules on which the website you want to bet on operates, especially if you will deposit more significant amounts of money there because you may never see them again.


This was our guide to eSports betting. If you are betting on matches yourself, use our tips and enjoy your increased capital, and if you know someone interested in this form of gambling, send them this article to help them. Many people in eSports betting think they know just because they play the game a lot. As we’ve shown you today, it’s much more than that — if you want to grow your capital, it will require hours of analysis and actual work.