Gaming Accessories – Things You Need for a Gaming Setup

Every gamer has a unique style, and that is reflected in the accessories they use. Whether it’s an expensive gaming chair or a curved monitor, gamers need to find items that fit their personal preferences and styles. Some gamers prefer using headphones while others require a special keyboard with certain keys replaced by buttons for faster gameplay. Gaming mice are another popular choice among gamers who want more control over their games than a standard com-puter mouse offers.

This article will briefly cover some of the most common accessories used by today’s gamers to help you decide which items are right for you!

What Gaming Accessories Do Gamers Need?

Important gaming accessories are controllers, keyboard, mouse, powerbanks, a streaming camera and mic, headphones, or a bunch of other techs. The bottom line is that your gamer setup should have everything that you use while you are gaming, and to provide an accessible storage equipment that reflects your personal style.

What Accessories Do You Need for Gaming?

Whether you’re a PC gamer or a console gamer who adores video game consoles, you’ll need some accessories to get the most out of your gaming experience.

You will need to check them out individually to find gadgets and tools that you like. Once you have narrowed your choices down to a few options, choose the one that fits your budget and is aesthetically cool and futuristic.

Let’s go over what equipment PC gamers need for gaming.

Gaming Backpack

Selecting your backpack type and material is important. If you live in an area with unexpected showers, then a waterproof backpack will go a long way in ensuring safety.

On the other hand, if you’d like a lighter weight on your back, then go for composite material. If you are on the road, make sure your selected backpack has enough pockets so you can fit in some of the important portable gadgets and mobile devices listed below.

dell gaming backpack

Gaming Laptops

Of course, your most important weapon is your laptop, so this is a good reason to buy a proper one. The gaming backpack depends on the size of your laptop. You may have a 17-inch Asus ROG or the 15-inch Dell Alienware, but whichever model you have, your backpack must have a separate pocket that can handle the thickness as well as the size of your laptop.

Gaming laptops are typically bulky, most especially the beast that you’ve built yourself. Gaming laptops come with high specs often too high for normal computing tasks. The best gaming laptops may look like ordinary laptops but they’re far from it. They come with specialized processors, graphics cards and memory built for gamers, and it should also have enough USB ports to connect with the peripherals. Three USB ports should be sufficient, two USB ports are a little too few, but it depends on your taste and what gadgets you want to attach to your machine.

You don’t necessarily need the best seller gaming laptop, there are also budget options, but it’s wise to choose a laptop that is worth the price.

Gaming Accessories - Things You Need for a Gaming Setup

Curved Monitors

These monitors may seem like a fad, but they are the latest trend and will be around for a long time. Gaming enthusiasts and casual gamers alike use curved monitors because they give them an immersive experience. Gaming monitors define the quality of a gamer’s experience. Gaming is all about being in your character’s shoes, and curved monitors help gamers achieve that goal.

Gaming monitors make gamers feel like they are really in the game with their favorite charac-ters and role models. Gaming monitors help gamers focus more on the screen and less on what is going on around them.

Gaming Headsets

For all avid gamers, a headset is an essential gadget. They enhance your gaming experience with an immersion that average headsets just can’t match. Different models offer different specialties; Turtlebeach offers its stealth series, which is specialized to focus on footsteps so you can hear your enemies coming for a longer distance. Meanwhile, Razer’s BlackShark focuses on communication clarity and noise cancellation.

Before choosing your headset, you should factor in a number of things. If you are more into role-playing and story-based games, you need something with more immersion and better ef-fects. If you are more into FPS, you need crystal clear sound and noise cancellation to focus on your surroundings. If you stream, you need better communication options. You also need to choose whether you want a wired or wireless headset. If it is wireless, it should have a long-lasting battery. Also, any headset you choose should be comfortable and durable.

No matter what headset you have, your gaming backpack needs to have a separate compart-ment for it. The headset may have accessories like an aux cable, a charging cable, or perhaps a separate mic, so they need to be accommodated too.

Razer Electra V2

Gaming Speakers

When it comes to audio, good speakers are not only the best way to enjoy the music you love but also essential for some games. Gaming speakers have a lot of things going on. You can find some with bluetooth connectivity so you can stream music from your phone while gaming.

Gaming speakers also come in different types. There are computer speakers, which you can mount on your desk. Gaming speakers also come with stands, and some others even have a built-in subwoofer, so whatever speaker type you choose, make sure it has enough space in the gaming backpack if you want to carry them.


Another weapon you can have, but it’s optional. Most of the time, you would like to use your laptop’s default keyboard. While traveling, you want your backpack to be as light as it can be, so a separate gaming keyboard might not make sense. However, for dedicated gamers, the best gadget is the one they are familiar with. They say our fingers have memories, so in a fast-paced game, you want a gadget in which your fingers already know where to press so that you can think strategy while your fingers do their own thing. Thus, most gamers would want their keyboards in their gaming backpacks too.

A good keyboard is durable, easy to use, and as compact as it can be. But it is perhaps the second biggest thing you can put in your backpack, which is why you should consider a back-pack that is spacious enough. There might not be a dedicated space for it, but the bag should be big enough to compensate for the keyboard size. Also, keyboards are generally durable, so they may not need to be in a protective pocket.

Gaming Mouse

This is the second important weapon in your gaming arsenal. The entire movement of your characters depends on your mouse, so you should choose it carefully. You can use a wireless or a wired mouse.

Wired are considered to be more accurate and also don’t need to be charged, but the wires can be a hassle. A wireless mouse is handier but it needs to be charged or have its batteries repla-ced. Also, a cheaper wireless mouse may not be accurate and smooth in use, so be vigilant and thorough in your research before buying a mouse.

The backpack must have a dedicated mouse slot as well. Your mouse needs to stay in a soft baggy area to reduce shocks, while its connection dongle needs a space in your backpack as well.

PICTEK Wired Gaming Mouse

Mouse Pads

An essential accessory for gamers is the mouse pad. Gaming mice use laser technology, which need to be read by your computer’s optical reader. This reader will not work on a glassy surface like that of your laptop screen, so the mouse needs something to rest on. Gaming pads are textured and usually thicker than normal ones; this prevents the pad from slipping. Gaming pads need to be larger than normal ones too, because they support bigger mice.

Gaming Controllers

Some gamers prefer controllers over a keyboard and mouse as their primary weapon. Controllers take a bit more getting used to, but in the end, it comes down to the personal preference of the user. Just like keyboards and mice, controllers have basic models as well as professional models.

Xbox Elite, Nacon Revolution Series, Sony’s DualSense, Nintendo Switch Pro controllers are some of the best controllers out there right now. You can choose any model based on your budget and preferences, but when choosing your backpack, make sure there is an extra pocket for your controller. A best seller controller can be very handy, but it needs to be protected. So a pocket with shock absorption is a must for controller safety.

Racing Wheels with Pedals

If you are a car fanatic and prefer racing games over FPS, this is the gadget you need. Gaming wheels use their own mechanisms to mimic the real-life steering wheel and pedals system. They come in different degrees of quality and prices, so be sure to choose one that suits your budget, let that be a best seller or a cheaper version.

Cell Phone Stands

Another useful accessory is a phone stand. Gaming sessions are likely to take long hours, so you need your phone charged up for that time period. Gaming sessions are also likely to happen in a poorly lit room, so you will need extra light on your phone screen. And since you can’t be lighting up your phone all the time, a phone stand is needed for better illumination of the screen.

Cable Management Kits

A lot of gamers would want the cables inside their backpack or on their desks to be out of sight. When we say ‘cables’, we mean chargers, USBs and all adapters that you carry with your gaming gear.

Such small items can get scattered, and can look messy if not managed carefully. The best gaming backpacks usually have a pocket for these, but there are also separate management kits for tidying up cables.

Cup Holder

This is a very important accessory for gamers. Gaming sessions can go on for hours and if you don’t have a drink nearby, your throat will get sore. Gaming backpacks often have a separate cup holder, usually on the side of your bag. Desk gaming drink holders are specially designed to fit most bottle shapes and sizes.

Gaming Desk

Another important accessory for gamers is a gaming desk. Gaming desks come in various shapes and styles, so you can choose one that best suits your needs. Gaming desks are more than just tables, they have storage areas for your keyboard and mouse as well. Gaming desks give you easy access to all controls during gaming sessions.

Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Gaming sessions can go on for hours and it may cause injury to your back. The best gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to support your back and prevent any unnecessary strain or injuries. Gaming chairs come in various sizes and styles, so you can choose the one that’s best for you and fits your budget as well. Gaming chairs are a must-have accessory for all PC gamers.

Desk Fan

A desk fan is another important accessory for gamers. Gaming can lead to extreme heat gene-ration within your body, so a desk fan will help you stay cool during sessions. The best gaming desks usually have USB powered fans built right into them, but if you are looking for an extra, desk fans are also available in the market. Gaming desk fans are specially designed for gamers, with high airflow to keep you cool, but are quiet enough for gaming sessions.

Miscellaneous Gaming Accessories

There are a lot of other things you may need in your gaming backpack. If you are into multiplayer gaming, you would need space for your wireless internet dongle or for a USB splitter if you don’t have enough USB ports on the laptop.

This may be a tiny USB, but it also needs to be protected. If you are also a streamer, you will need space for your streaming camera as well, or an RGB lighting strip for decoration.

You may also need a backup battery for your laptop. Depending on the model, a laptop’s bat-tery is replaceable. If you don’t have access to a switchboard, the extra battery will give you extended usage times. So your gaming backpack must have space for that too. You might also need a side pocket for a water bottle, and maybe a snack corner too, for greater convenience.

There could be many things among the best gaming accessories, but essentially they are tools that improve your gaming experience.

Closing Thoughts About the Best Gaming Accessories

If you want to be an efficient gamer, it’s important that you have the right accessories and gadgets. From controllers to headsets and many other items, it’s important to find and buy a gaming setup for your needs.

Whether you are a hardcore gamer with multiple consoles in different rooms of your house or just someone who plays on their laptop every now and then at home after work, there is something here for everyone!