esports betting tips

eSports Betting Tips

More and more bookmakers offer eSports in addition to classic sports. If you are into computer games, you may think that this is an easy way to earn money…. Well, such thinking may be counterproductive. The world of gambling and match betting is full of pitfalls in eSports as well. We have prepared an eSports …

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History of eSports

eSports is one of the more intriguing forms of competition today. Every year there are more and more of its supporters and enthusiasts. But where did it actually start? What path did eSports have to go through to land in the biggest arenas and have as many as 500 million people interested in it? If …

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Starcraft 2 Beginners Guide – Introduction to Starcraft

StarCraft II is a fast-paced real-time strategy game that demands physical dexterity, mental acuity, and immense tactical acumen. Professional StarCraft players spend years honing their skills in order to be the best; pros competing in the StarCraft II scene are often people who played the original StarCraft title at a high level and then transitioned …

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