How to Become an eSports Player?

Until recently, making money from competing in computer games sounded utopian. And now? We hear more and more about eSports competitors making big money and living off it. Even if you weren’t interested in it, the eSports industry has become so big that it’s tough to ignore its existence. This method of earning money sounds incredibly appealing, especially to young people who love playing multiplayer games. With that being said, let’s take a look at how to become a professional eSports player and regularly participate in major tournaments. If you want to learn some handy tips on how to get into eSports, be sure to check out our article.

How to Participate in eSports Tournaments?

Find Your Favorite eSports Game

First, find a game that you enjoy and that you might want to spend thousands of hours playing to get better. There will be a lot of hard work ahead of you before you reach the top of the eSports scene, so there is no point in playing a game where you won’t be motivated to practice. Electronic sports offer a broad spectrum of game genres — from shooters (Counter-Strike, Valorant) to Battle-Royale (Fortnite, Apex Legends) to MOBA games (League of Legends, Dota 2). Just like in classic sports, if you are interested in team sports, choosing basketball or football may be a better choice than martial arts or bodybuilding.

Practice Your Game to Perfection

Getting to the top will require you to work on your game constantly. You have to keep in mind that other players are getting better all the time, and just because you managed to finish high in one season does not mean that you will be successful the next. Instead of marveling at how good your game is, the most important thing is to work on the aspects where you are weak. You might even want to consider working with a coach; there are many places on the internet, such as Gamersensei, where you can arrange a lesson with a professional gamer. At the highest level, virtually all professional eSports teams employ a coach, and usually, it is just an inactive player who knows the rest of the team well.


Follow Professional eSports-related Streams

Watching live streams is something commonly neglected by players aspiring to be professional. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, sometimes watching someone else play can positively affect your game than playing yourself. Here are some reasons why:

  1. You are looking at the game from a third-person perspective, and that is always a different experience that can make you think about modifying your strategy to win more games.
  2. You observe what the metagame looks like and how the pro players play in a given season, which you can also use to your advantage (ex., by copying the strongest strategy or countering the one you think is the most popular).
  3. While watching the streams, you can see behind the scenes of how to be an esports player and ask questions to the pro players directly in the chat. To summarize, we can say that this is a kind of learning method, a very effective one.

The most popular streaming platforms on which you can watch tournaments, and gaming streams are, and YouTube Gaming. Virtually everyone will find something for themselves there, regardless of the genre of games you are interested in.

Join an eSports Team

Find players who you want to get better with and who you can also learn from. Whether it’s your classmates or players from the other side of the world, the idea is that you work together to win more games. If you want to reach the top level, It will be much harder without playing partners, especially since the most popular eSports titles like Counter-Strike or League of Legends require cooperation within the game. In major tournaments, when all players play at the highest level, the team with the higher quality team-play and communication are essential to winning matches. And what if you’re a solo player of games like Hearthstone, Mortal Kombat, or even Fortnite and don’t need a team? Still, even in solo games, it’s important to have practice partners and people to train before tournaments.

Find Entry-level eSports Tournaments

You may be thinking that it may be too early to join tournaments since you are not yet playing at the highest level. The truth is, you don’t have to start by playing the majors and open ones available online at sites like Battlefy or nicecactus. This is a great option to practice tournament systems; after all, playing in major tournaments is vastly different from playing in ranked games. And how much does it cost to enter an esports tournament? The good news, most of them are without any entry fee, and you can even earn some dollars. Just sign up and show up for your scheduled match.

Visit Live eSports Events

You might also want to visit various eSports events, such as tournaments or meetings with professional players. There you can meet people who might later become your playing partners, chat with top-level players, and above all, have a good time. Moreover, such events often have open side-tournaments where you can make your debut and test your skills. Before going to such an event, see if the organizers are looking for someone to work. You would get free entry to the event, and there is a better chance that you will have some more contact with professionals.

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FAQs About eSports Tournament Participation

Finally, we have a series of answers to frequently asked questions about tournament participation in eSports. We will talk about the player’s age, earnings, esports training, and many other such aspects.

How Big is an Average eSports Player Salary?

A player’s earnings depend on their level, the game’s popularity, and whether they stream or not. The wages of a professional eSports competitor are assumed to average $40,000 per year (~$3,300 per month).

Which is the Highest Paying eSport?

According to data provided by, the highest-paid eSport title is Dota 2, where players collectively earned over $230 million. It is followed by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ($115 million), Fortnite ($100 million), and League of Legends ($84 million).

Who is the Richest eSports Player?

The current richest esports player in the world is Johan “N0tail” Sundstein, a Dota 2 player from Team OG (two-time Dota 2 world champion). Over his 6-year career, he managed to earn around 7 million dollars.

Who is the Oldest eSports Player?

The oldest eSports player is Abbe “DieHardBirdie” Borg, a 79-year-old Counter-Strike player. He’s a part of the Silver Snipers, a competitive eSports team made up of old-aged gamers. Their biggest success so far is winning the World Cup at Dreamhack Summer 2019.

Who is the Youngest eSports Player?

This year’s phenomenon is Joseph “Gosu” Deen, a professional Fornite player and the world’s youngest eSports player. Joseph is only 8 years old, and he recently signed a contract for over $30,000 with a competitive eSports team.

Who are the Most Successful Female eSports Players?

The most successful eSports player is Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn, who has collectively earned over $320,000 in Starcraft 2 tournaments. However, she is not the only woman with high achievements in eSports, and there are more and more of them each year. An increasing number of large eSports organizations invest in female divisions for games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Dota 2.

How Old Must You be to Join eSports Tournaments?

The age at which you can start participating in eSports games depends on many factors, such as legal regulations, rules imposed by tournament organizers, and age restrictions of the game. Most eSports leagues have no problem with minors participating or traveling to tournaments, although legal guardian approval is often a must.

How Many Hours do eSports Players Practice?

Professional players treat their training just like any athlete, so in many cases, it is done every day for several hours at a time. Before a major tournament, the number of practice units can be much higher than usual, and often in these situations, teams decide to go to training camps.

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Now you should get a better view of how to enter eSports and participate in eSports tournaments. There’s going to be a lot of work ahead if you decide to go for this career path, but it will be extraordinary if you can make it to the top. We wish you the best of luck on your way to becoming a better eSports player and honing your skills.