How to Clean Gaming Mouse?

As the gaming season comes to close and we look towards spring training once again, it’s time to take care of your favorite equipment and computer accessories.

In this article, you’ll learn how to clean gaming mice!

Let’s get started!

Why You Should Clean Your Mouse Regularly?

There are several reasons to clean your gaming mouse regularly. The main reason is to keep it working properly. If you don’t clean your computer mouse regularly, you can end up having problems with how your hand glides over the surface of the mouse, how it’s sensors work and how buttons respond. This could eventually cause the device to stop working altogether.

Another good reason to keep your gaming mouse clean is to avoid repairs. If you don’t clean your computer mouse and it gets so dirty that the buttons stop working how they should or, alternatively, if dirt or dust cause a short circuit then you’ll have to take your mouse into the shop for repairs.

In addition to all of this, by keeping your computer mouse clean you reduce how many germs are on your equipment. Computer mice are not usually washed how dishes are, which means that there is plenty of bacteria left behind on it after you’re done using it. If you clean your mouse regularly then this will be less likely to happen as you’ll be cleaning away any excess dirt or dust.


Possible Things You Need for Cleaning a Gaming Mouse

You don’t need much in order to clean your gaming mouse. The only items you’ll really need are:

  • microfiber cloth
  • alcohol or cleaning liquid
  • screwdriver
  • wipes
  • rags
  • pincers
  • cotton swabs
  • toothpicks

After all of that, the important part is that you just need some time and will to clean! These items might not seem like much but they’re very important and you should make sure you have them before getting started.

How Do You Clean a Gaming Mouse?

1. Disconnect the Mouse from the Computer

Before you start cleaning your mouse, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s disconnected from your computer. If you’re not careful how you clean the device then there is a chance that some of the components could be damaged by how you go about it or that they might even become permanently stuck if they were connected while wet, and you don’t want to cause any electrical shorts either. Batteries inside should be also removed as they may not react well to the rubbing alcohol liquids.

2. Clean the Outside of the Mouse

Once you’ve unplugged your mouse, you’ll want to start cleaning the outside of the mouse’s body. You can use a microfiber cloth for this or a soft damp cloth, alternatively, cotton swabs and some isopropyl alcohol, maybe toothpicks to reach spots in tighter areas. Look for residues of dust and dirt accumulation to remove. The mouse’s sensor is an important and sensitive area so don’t forget to attack the dirtiest part with a vengeance. The mouse wheel should be also properly cleaned.

If you have a wired mouse, don’t forget the mouse plug – some alcohol wipes should quickly help to remove any residue on the cables. The cleaner the accessory is, the more bacteria are removed, and that’s good for everybody who uses the mouse.

3. Avoid Using Too Much Cleaning Liquid

If you’re using a microfiber cloth in order to clean your mouse then remember that if too much liquid gets on the cloth, it will be harder to clean. As such, make sure that you use a very tiny bit of alcohol and warm water on the cloth and not anything else as we don’t want any chemicals or solvents getting into the mouse.

4. Disassemble the Mouse for Cleaning

Once you’ve cleaned your mouse from the outside, you’ll need to clean it from the inside. For this task you’ll need some cotton swabs and a screwdriver. You’ll also want to remove all of the screws which are holding the mouse together. These are usually located on the bottom of your gaming mouse and they’re either covered by rubber or plastic so that you don’t lose them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help here if you need it! Most people can figure out how to get the screws off but, especially in smaller mice, it can be hard to do this by yourself. If you’re having trouble removing the screws on your mouse then ask for some help from a friend or family member for removing them easier.

5. Clean the Inside of the Mouse

The inside of your mouse is much like the outside and it’s possible to get dirt or dust stuck there. When you open your gaming mouse, you’ll want to make sure that all of these are removed before putting the device back together. Many people don’t realize this but you can use cotton swabs on your mouse to clean it just as well as you can use them on other devices. To do this effectively, however, you need to carefully remove the plastic pieces of your device. Use compressed air or use a toothpick to access areas which are otherwise hard to access.

6. Put the Mouse together after Drying

After you’ve finished wiping the inside of your gaming mouse down, and all the parts have dried, (preferrably air dry) reassemble everything, put the case back on and then replace the screws. If you happen to have putting the parts back, you may surely find the mouse’s manual on the Internet on the website of the mouse’s manufacturer for additional help, but it shouldn’t be that difficult.


Closing Thoughts About Cleaning Gaming Mice

You can clean your gaming mouse with a few household items. This is how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Some of you may already be aware that it’s possible to clean your mice, but for those who don’t know or need some pointers on what tools and materials will work best for this task, this quick guide may have been useful.

It is important to note that all gamers should take care of their equipment even if it’s a budget-friendly mice in order for them to last longer while maintaining optimal performance; there are many ways one can do so such as wiping down surfaces with alcohol wipes every once in awhile.

Eating food next to your computer may also not be the best idea when it comes to your gaming accessories. Keep your mouse away from unwanted liquids and grease to expand its lifespan, and also remember to keep your mouse pad clean as well. Mouse pads come into direct contact with gaming mice, so a good cleaning for your desk regularly helps to avoid the build up of dirt and dead skin cells or pieces of hair around your peripherals.

We all know that there are dirty things lurking in those places – but what’s really gross is not knowing just how nasty they are until we open them up again after months have gone by. So why let dirt accumulate around our gadgets? It makes sense now more than ever before to pay attention to keeping your gaming mouse, and as you have seen from this guide mouse cleaning is not difficult at all.