Interview with Denial.Smite

Interview with Denial.SmiteIt wasn’t the best Saturday for Denial.Smite. The team took two hard losses to Meilor Morior (formerly Complexity). So looking forward, I asked a few of our members about what they think happened and what their expectations will be for Week 2 of the Spring Split:

Denial Thomas: Firstly, what was it like to have a team change and sponsor change mid-way through the qualifiers? Was there any stress that you had to work through to adjust for these changes?

ShadowQ: The sponsor pick-up was really exciting for us. If anything, it really hyped us up. No major roster changes happened with the organization changes, so our play was pretty much the same.

DT: How did you feel coming out of the qualifiers then? You had a strong 3 week run, with a second seed after week 2 and a 3-0 sweep to close out the last round of qualifiers. What were your expectations going into the SPL?

TheBest: So in the first two weeks, like you said, we got second, which we were a little bummed about. Complexity was beating us so decisively, but we were able to have a really strong week 3 and win all the games. We were pretty hyped up and ready to take on anyone. Unfortunately, Meilor Morior beat us again. But, I think we’ve shown that we can be a really strong team and we should be able to beat them later on in the season and hopefully any other team.

DT: So let’s talk about that first game. That was a hard loss to swallow. They pretty much snowballed their way to victory both times. Any thoughts about your aggressive playstyle? Was it a factor in your losses? How do you feel your playstyle works in this situation when you’re behind?

Marc: Well, it was week 1 of the qualifiers, and we were down 15k but we won with a 2k lead against Team Eager. We can come back, except that we play with a lot of aggression, it’s just how we play. And from behind, it is kind of what causes us to lose sometimes. We were probably a little too overaggressive in our gold and experience deficit.

TheBest: I still think even when you’re behind, you should still keep making plays but when we look back, we can all see that we were a little too greedy and too eager to fight them when we were already behind.

ShadowQ: I think there were only a couple engages where we were too overaggressive. Not having the aggression when you’re behind will put you even further behind. You can’t let them get more farm. You have to make plays happen, but we took too many risks that game.

DT: But shout outs to Marc at the end there. You soloing Allied in Game 2 was mind blowing.

Mace: He was like three levels down (and 1500 gold down as Allied also had a Short Sword purchased)

TheBest: We had all just died on left, a 4v4 spectacle. We were feeling that we were going to lose at that point while Marc is just farming in duo lane. So we told him, just go 1v1 him, Marc. And then he did.

DT: Anything you guys can take away from this game. Next week, you’ll play TSM. The fact is that they are a top team coming into this year. Their record last year was outstanding, and some of their few losses can be argued as flukes. Any thoughts about them next week?

Marc: I for one am not worried.

Best: I honestly think Complexity is the team to beat the season, more than C9 or TSM, but we’ll see when we get more experience facing those teams, but Complexity, Cognitive Gaming, and our team has been scrimming and analysing our games more seriously than C9 or TSM. It’s going to be interesting how the teams match up.

DT: Lastly, any thoughts about the new goddess Bellona? What’s her best role going to be?

Mace: Everywhere because she’s overpowered

Marc: Yeah, she’s kind of broken

ShadowQ: But she’ll probably be best in solo, maybe jungle.

Marc: She could jungle if she wanted to, but she doesn’t really have any gank potential.

ShadowQ: Yeah, she can’t set up a gank by herself.

DT: But even with a few nerfs, she can still be really good. All she needs is to just keep auto-attacking. She gets healing, protections, and movement speed.

Marc: I don’t like her passive anyway. Regardless of what her kit becomes, she’s going to be insane with only her auto-attacks. I don’t like the movement speed.

Mace: Well, you only get slowed 30% off basic attacks, but you do get 30% movement speed from a passive. It’s a full-time Fatalis and it can be better with a Fatalis or Sprint 3 as well. Not to mention it also applies to getting away.

Our conversation deviated away from that, but Denial.Smite has made sure to not let this first loss get to their head, and to take each match seriously.

If you have any questions of your own for the team, head on over to on Saturday, March 14 at 4:00 PM EST where Denial.Smite will be doing an AMA.