Interview With Denial’s Ryan “RyaNoob” Geddes

Before HCS Cup #5, I had the pleasure of interviewing Halo’s most recent MVP winner, Ryan “RyaNoob” Geddes.

What sensitivity and button layout do you use when playing competitively?

I use 4 sensitivity and play with bumper jumper.

When did you first start playing Halo competitively?

I first started playing Halo competitively back in 2009. I was practicing 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, wanting to make it to the top.

When did your first breakthrough into the pros happen?

I went pro in 2010 at MLG Columbus for Halo 3.

During your career what would you say would be your happiest moment?

It would have to be when I first went pro at MLG Columbus in 2010. Back then, I was running with a team of basically nobodies and we called ourselves the Warriors. Going into the event we were already top 16 (with some research I found out the team had the 13th seed at the time). Our first game was against Str8 Rippin in which we took a game off of them right in the beginning. That right there was a huge confidence boost. We eventually played against Triggers Down, winning the series 3-2. Later in the tournament we played them again for top 6 and lost 3 straight making it 3-5. We went to game 11 and won 50-49. I don’t think I will ever be happier than I was in that moment when we went from nothing to a top 6 pro team ( they went to place 5th at MLG Columbus 2010).

What are your thoughts of HCS and how it is going so far?

I think it is going good for the most part. With MCC being a broken game, there are a lot of hiccups that are to be expected with it being the first season.

How would you compare HCS to past tournaments?

When Halo Reach and Halo 4 were out, there wasn’t really any consistent tournaments except the global one. With HCS we are pretty much guaranteed a few LANs with weekly online tournaments which is really nice.

What would you like to see improved in the next season of HCS?

The biggest thing for me would be more maps. I personally don’t like forge style maps and the mechanics of them. If they could come out with another arena map meant for HCS, then that would be nice.

Looking back at UGC how did you feel going in and did you expect to be selected MVP?

Going into UGC I wasn’t sure what to expect with ourselves and the other teams. Looking back on it, I felt like we as a team did play the best that weekend. As for me, I felt that that was one of my better events. Not that I’m saying I didn’t deserve it, but I wasn’t surprised when I heard that I won it.

With you being in the competitive scene of Halo for quite some time, who all have you teamed up with in the past?

Well, funny that you ask that because it would honestly be quicker to tell you who I haven’t played with. Being with Cloud on Denial is the first time partying up with him. I also haven’t played with anyone on CLG as well as Lunchbox, Flamesword, Ace, and C9 with the exception of Ninja, who sucks.

Who do you see as being your rival for the rest of this season?

EG is definitely our rival. I would even say that for the finals of the season, I see it being us and EG going at it to be season champs.

You said that when you were up and coming you practiced nonstop. How much do you practice now that you are on top?

I would say that I practice around 5 hours a day 5 days a week. Past couple of weeks I have done a few 12 hour gaming sessions, but I usually don’t go that long often.

What are you thoughts of Halo 5 looking back at the beta?

I think that it has a much smoother feel compared to older Halos. I personally don’t see a problem with spartan abilities. The maps that they had for the beta proved unworthy to be maps in a tournament setting, I thought.

What about your thoughts on ADS?

ADS doesn’t feel like it is Halo for me. The mechanics of the game doesn’t bother me so much. It’s the community and competition of Halo that makes me want to play it and keep playing it.

Would you say that in between matches in HCS online that it is a tradition to play Halo 1?

Funny that you bring that up, but yes. With the way HCS online is setup along with MCC it is a fun way to relax when waiting between games.

Looking back who would you say was your idol?

I really liked Walshy when I was starting out. I would always look his gameplay up and study it. I based my gameplay around it in the beginning and adjusted it to how I liked playing.

What advice do you have for any up and comers?

You have to play a lot more than those who are on top. You can’t settle for what you are or what you think you want. Always go for higher. You also need to improve faster than those who are already on top which isn’t easy.

Any parting words for the readers?

Well, I got my capture card fixed so my streams won’t be a problem anymore. You can catch me streaming most days of the week usually from 9pm-5am at

Make sure to check Ryan and the rest of the team out this coming Sunday February 8th for HCS Online Cup #6 at 2PM EST.