Logitech G110 – Overview

We take a look at Logitech G110. This keyboard for gamers has been around a while now and has won a lot of fans.

The G110 is a low-budget version of the highly prized G510 and it’s more up-market cousin the Logitech G19 all of which were later developments of the legendary Logitech G15. The most obvious difference of the G110 is that it lacks the LCD screen of the more expensive models.

After I had written the above I checked the current price of the Logitech G110, see my comment below!

The Logitech G110 is a non-mechanical keyboard and uses the standard rubber dome type keys, nevertheless it is very good for typing and playing games on as the keys have a very fluid action.

The keys of the Logitech G110 themselves are backlit and the colors can be customized to various shades of purple, red and blue desired by the user.

Macros, yup it’s got those, the Logitech G110 has 12 keys that are assignable and these in turn allow three macros per key thus giving a total of 36 keys that can be programmed as you like for single or multiple keystrokes, and macros can be recorded at any time during a game as you play.


The programmable or ‘G’ keys are withing easy reach and are mounted in 3 blocks of 4 on the left-hand side of the unit.

Othe features include a game mode switch for turning off the Windows menu key when gaming thus preventing the freakin’ thing popping onto the screen at a vital moment.

The Logitech G110 has just the one USB 2.0 input, and this can be used for any device with a USB plug, although most people will probably use it for their gaming mouse.

You can hook in your headset and mic using the twin 3.5mm provided at the rear of the unit, and the connecting cables can be neatly routed with the rebates built in underneath the base.

Need to control you media? No sweat the Logitech G110 has a one-touch controls for all the main media functions including the volume, which can also be muted with a single button.

The logitech G110 software and any drivers you need can be downloaded free from the Logitech website and the user interface is simple to follow and intuitaive.

Logitech G110 Summary

As I updated this article from the original I rechecked the current price, Wow!, I was staggered to see that what was once a mid-priced keyboard retailing for around $125. The Logitech G110 is good but it’s not so good it merits that kind of price tag.

You can get a top-quality mechanical keyboard for this kind of money, so I am not recommending you buy a G110. Sorry Logitech, I believe you have shot yourself in the a$s by putting the price up this high and you will come unstuck with a lot of lost sales.

Nevertheless gaming folk everywhere love their G110’s, and if you can afford it by all means get one it’s unlikely you will be disappointed. I checked around for Logitech g110 problems but couldn’t find anything meaningful to worry about bat the odd dud unit.

The Logitech g110 best buy is at the time of writing is to be found on Amazon, I checked the other major online retailers Walmart, Best Buy and Target and they do not have this model listed.

With the G110 now having such a high price, for the same money you can buy virtually any non-mechanical keyboard and a few mechanical ones as well.



  • Nicely built
  • Good performance
  • 12 x3 programmable keys keys
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Cable tidy
  • Media controls/ports


  • High price tag