Today’s matches for Denial eSports were against Faze Clan and Elevate Gaming, both are 6-0 and 3-5, respectively.

Faze Clan, the heavy favorites, would start off the series with an uneventful win on Retreat Hardpoint, 246-171. Denial would come back on Recovery Search and Destroy, jumping to a 4-0 lead early and holding on to secure a 6-3 win. Detroit Uplink would be up next, and Attach would take another map for the home team, thanks to a last second run bringing the score to 7-5. With a 2-1 map count, Denial would hold the lead moving into the next map, Bio Lab Capture the Flag. Denial would continue to play in top form, jumping to a 2-0 lead at the half. Zoomaa and friends would not let up the pressure, giving Faze Clan their first loss of the season, and improving their record to 5-2.

Elevate was the next team on Denial’s chopping block. After defeating Team Envyus 3-1, Elevate would come into this match on a three game win streak. Things got started on Bio Lab Hardpoint, where Zoomaa again made sure to set the bar high with a K/D of 41-26 as Denial cleaned up Elevate 250-142. Recovery Search and Destroy was no different, as Denial would continue to push the gas pedal to the floor, winning 6-1. Denial would make another trip to Detroit for a game of Uplink, but despite a very slow and almost scoreless first half, Denial would complete the sweep winning 6-3.

With the two wins tonight, Denial goes on a 4 game winning streak, after defeating Optic Nation and Aware Gaming last night, and the team moves their record to 6-2. Scores of those matches will be outlined below the break. Looking to the future, Denial will play Rise Nation and Optic Nation on December 22nd, followed by Team Envyus and Aware Gaming on the 23rd.

Denial Esports vs. Optic Gaming.Nation
Hardpoint Detroit W 217-214
Search and Destroy Solar W 6-1
Uplink Comeback L 8-4
Capture The Flag Ascent W 3-2

Denial Esports vs. Aware Gaming
Hardpoint Solar W 215-191
Search and Destroy Riot L 6-4
Uplink Bio Lab W *
Capture The Flag Detroit W *
*Scores improperly documented