MLG Season One Playoff Preview for Denial.CoD

MLG Season One Playoff Preview for Denial.CoDDenial has once again locked in a spot at the MLG CoD League Season Playoffs, this time with a 29-15 record and a 66 percent win rate. Throughout the season, Denial has had a steady lead over most of the teams in the league, holding at least 4th place since the beginning of the season, and with the team currently sitting in second place, the Wolfpack is looking stronger than ever heading into the playoffs.

Looking towards the playoff bracket this season, Denial.CoD are the second seed, and will be facing Team Envyus in the first round of this double elimination tournament. The other notable team to include is Optic Gaming, who is the first seed and will be facing Rise Nation in the first round. The Wolfpack will not have to compete against Optic, who is often considered the “Dream Team” of Call of Duty, until the Winner’s bracket finals, assuming that both teams win their first two matches.

The stakes are very high coming into this weekend, and every team has been preparing for this weekend for weeks on end. With a $30,000 first place prize on the line, we can expect the highest level of competition from these eight teams. As for the four teams that will not be joining the rest of the league, they will be in a tournament of their own, as the relegation tournament to keep their place in the league for Season Two will be held on February 24th-26th to see if any new teams will begin their MLG Call of Duty Pro League careers.

With only 4 days left until the big show, Denial is continuing to show off their dominance as we inch ever closer to the Season One MLG Playoffs, hosted on February 20th.