Neat iPad Tips for New and Advanced Users

Ipad tips

Despite what Apple and some people might say, iPads are not a replacement for laptops. However, it would be foolish to dismiss the advantages that this device has to offer. When you know how to get the most out of the tablet, you may not even need to use a computer most of the time.

If you have purchased an iPad recently or have one already but did not bother doing too much on it besides playing some games and reading news sites, this article should change your view.

Browse the Internet

Like already mentioned, many tablet owners use the device to surf the internet. However, they do this at home and do not take a moment to think that it is also possible to take a tablet with you while traveling and surfing the net. Sure, some people want to get away from technology, but an iPad is light and should not be a bother when you are traveling.

So long as you have access to public Wi-Fi, reading news online or using the internet in another way should not be a problem. At the same time, cellular data is also an option. If your mobile company does not provide data to your tablet, ask locals while traveling about how to get cellular data on ipad, and they should point you in the right direction.

Enable Split View

The split view feature is quite handy when you are multitasking. One of the examples could be reading an interesting article and encountering unfamiliar words or phrases. Switching to another tab manually sounds bothersome, right?

Well, you can use split view and have an article on one side and a reference guide on another. Make sure that both applications are on the Dock.

Use Trackpad

Unfortunately, iPads do not support mice, meaning that you still have to use the tablet tapping your fingers. However, Apple has added a neat feature recently that lets you substitute a mouse with a trackpad.

While not necessarily the same, a trackpad still comes in handy when you need to select a block of words.

You can enable the trackpad by putting two fingers on the iPads keyboard and moving them simultaneously.

Take Advantage of the Dock

If you have multiple apps that you use often, why not make them more accessible by adding shortcuts to the Dock. Unlike iPhones that allow you to put only a few applications on the Dock due to their low screen resolution, an iPad is more akin to MacBooks. You can fit as many as 15 app shortcuts on an iPad’s Dock.

To add a shortcut, navigate to the home screen and tap the finger on an application. Hold the finger down until an app’s shortcut starts to wiggle. Use your finger to drag the shortcut to the Dock, and you are done.

Transfer Files

Ipad and Iphone

As expected, you can create a mini ecosystem between different Apple devices and transfer files from an iPad to your iPhone or a MacBook and vice-versa. The easiest method to do that is via iCloud storage after you sync the devices.

Split the Keyboard

For some, this feature may not be that useful, but it is still worth a try. Try splitting the iPad’s keyboard and find out whether it is more comfortable to type when you have one side of the keyboard on the right and one side on the left.

There is a keyboard button at the bottom-right corner of the digital keyboard version. Click on it and select “Split” to enable the mode. In case you do not like a split keyboard, click on the same key and tap “Dock and Merge” to restore the keyboard.

Scan Items

An iPad lets its users scan a document and create a PDF file directly. The quality of a PDF document is better than it would be if you were to take a picture.

Launch the Notes application and open a new document on it. You should see a plus sign at the bottom of the tab. Tap it and select the “Scan Documents” option. Now, you will have the option to enable the Markup tool to sign a document on the iPad’s screen and turn it into a PDF at the same time. Once you finish, save the PDF document on the device.

Organize Data

Organize data with Ipad

Losing track of files on a personal device is not that common. However, if you notice that there are too many files on your iPad, do not hesitate and use the Files application to sort out the files.

Clicking “Recent” in the Files app will show you which files you used recently, whereas clicking “Browse” reveals document folders for individuals apps and lets you create more folders for a better file organization.