Welcome Tyler "Marss" Martins

Following on from the signing of James ‘Duck’ Ma, Denial is proud to announce the exciting addition of another player to our fighting games division - Marss. He is primarily a Zero Suit Samus main.


“We’re excited to add Marss to our fighting games division at Denial. Marss is a player that has shown he will have a bright future within Smash - only being 17. We want to be able to help him in getting to as many events as he should be attending. We can’t wait to watch him under Denial for his first event at Shine 2016”. - Ray Arsenault - COO Denial eSports


Marss will be attending Shine 2016 later this month (26-28th) in Boston, Massachusetts. This will be the first major event since GUMS 9 earlier in the month where he placed 4th in Singles and 3rd in Doubles with Maverick. At Shine later this month, he will be hoping to go all the way to the top and we wish him the best of luck. Whether you’re going to the event to spectate or will be watching online, make sure to show him support!


To keep up with news regarding Marss, as well as Denial, head over to Twitter and follow @Marss_NE and @DenialEsports and support the Wolfpack.

Mark Richardson // @_Devizen

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