Denial Signs Top Guild Wars 2 Team!

Denial eSports is proud to announce the signing of one of the most talented team in Guild Wars 2 today - TCG. This team is, of course, full of talent, and with the 2016 World Championship coming up next month, exciting times are ahead for this squad. The team captain, as well as Denial’s COO, had a few words to say regarding the news:

“The TCG name has been with me since the start of Guild Wars 2 and the only other time I was satisfied playing under a different name was when we played for Denial. I’m proud to be representing them again and we intend to bring the tournament results that they deserve.” - Sandro “Helseth” Olofsson

“We’re extremely excited today to say welcome back to an old friend as well as some new faces to the Wolfpack. Helseth was a part of our old HoN team back in 2013. When he reached out to myself and to see that he is still playing at a top level; it was a no brainer to bring him back with his new team.” - Ray Arsenault, COO Denial eSports

The 2016 World Championship Finals will be the first chance to see the team compete at a major event. The Finals take place on September 17 at the ESL Studios in Burbank, California. The best place to watch the Finals will be on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel over at Denial’s first match will be against North American team Never Lucky, with the winner of that match going on to face Rank Fifty Five Dragons who will be waiting in the next round. Be sure to tune into the event, which starts at 7PM CEST, and show all of the support you can for the Wolfpack!

Head over to twitter as well so that you can follow all members of the team:

Once again, a warm welcome to TCG and we wish them the best of luck for the 2016 World Championship Finals and beyond. To keep up with the team, go ahead and follow them on Twitter using the links above whilst also following @DenialEsports for all news and updates regarding the team and future competitions.

Mark Richardson // @_Devizen

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