Welcome Denial CSGO!

Denial eSports would like to proudly announce it’s return to the eSports scene of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The team is a mixture of North American and European players, featuring plenty of experience and talent.

Team Background:

  • Team Captain David “XP3” Garrido has had a long career in Counter Strike, dating back to 2006 when he won his first Premier Title at CPL Italy under “All Against Authority”. More recently, however, he has achieved two first place finishes at both LAN ETS 2015 and Alienware Area 51 Cup #1, playing under Mythic and eLevate respectively. XP3 bring a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Counter Strike eSports scene, qualities which he will be looking to bring to the Denial team.
  • Todd “Anger” Williams, long time team mate of XP3, had a great start to his Counter Strike eSports career. He placed first in four out of his first five events, including Premier events such as the Global Finals of Season 15 of ESEA, as well as LAN ETS 2014. Since then, he has many respectable finishes to his record and will be looking towards the top once again with Denial.
  • Kyle “FlowsicK” Mendez is also a long time team mate of XP3, with the trio teaming together most recently in Season 3 of the ESL NA Pro League under “Winterfox” and, more recently, under the team name of “PiedPiper”. Like Anger and XP3, FlowsicK has a couple of 1st place finishes under his belt in Counter Strike eSports, with many more respectable placings.
  • Alexander “Skytten” Carlsson is a European player from Sweden who has three First Place finishes to his name in Counter Strike eSports, most recently at the Uprise Champions Cup Europe Finals. He has had a great career in European competition so far and is now making the transition to North America.
  • Christian “Spitfire” Schiölde is another European player, also from Sweden, who will be transitioning to North American competition. Spitfire has had less event placings than his Denial teammates, but he does have a great record across the board, including four Top 3 placings in his last four events, with his most recent event being a 1st Place.

The team will be living in a house together in California, with Swedish players Spitfire and Skytten making their way over to North America. They will be looking to work on their chemistry and teamwork ahead of the next set of competitions – MTW Premier League, ESWC 2016 Qualifier, NA Major Qualifier, E-League Qualifier.

On the topic of joining Denial eSports, team captain David “XP3” Garrido said and Denial’s COO, Ray Arsenault, had a few words to say:
“I’m excited to be playing with my long time teammates Anger and FlowsicK. I’m also looking forward to work with some familiar faces in Denial and last but not least, I cannot wait to start playing with our new additions from Sweden! It’s time for us to get back to work and show what we are made of.” – David Garrido

“I’m extremely excited to start working with this roster, going back into CS:GO. I have worked with most of them in the past and I’m really looking forward to what this team will bring going into the future.” – Ray Arsenault, COO Denial eSports

You can find all team members over on Twitter and at:
David “XP3” Garrido | @xp3cs

Todd “Anger” Williams | @angercs

Kyle “FlowsicK” Mendez | @flowsickGO

Alexander “Skytten” Carlsson | @SKYTTENcs

Christian “Spitfire” Schiölde | @SpitfireCSGO

Please join us in giving the team a warm welcome to the Wolfpack and we wish them the best of luck going into all future competitions. Follow them, as well as @DenialEsports to keep up with news about the team and their competitions.

Mark Richardson // @_Devizen