Why Do Gaming Keyboards Have Tall Keys?

As a gamer, one of the most important tools at your disposal is none other than your keyboard. If your keyboard isn’t ergonomic and accurate, it is most likely to affect your gaming skills. If you’re looking for a new keyboard, keep reading to find out what key features you should be looking for!

Some gaming keyboards have tall keys to facilitate the gaming skills of people. This is usually the case with mechanical keyboards. There are several reasons why gaming keyboards have tall keys, including precision, correct pressing, good feedback, and most importantly, comfort. These factors prevent gamers from making mistakes, which is why mechanical keyboards are considered the best for gaming.

The Benefits of Tall Keys

Many gamers prefer tall keys and there’s a reason for that. Here are some advantages of having tall keys on a mechanical keyboard that can really help a gamer’s performance.


Precision refers to the control you have over the character you are playing in the game. With the tall keys of a mechanical keyboard, you can control your in-game character better. Your movement becomes more precise. Moreover, you have control over the speed of your movement.

When compared to a membrane keyboard that has flat keys, you will notice that you have no control over your characters’ speed or precision in their movement.

gaming keyboard tall keys

Correct Pressing

The thing about tall keys in mechanical keyboards is that, once you press them, the actuation point comes after some time. This is enough time to retract your movement and stop yourself from pressing the wrong key. Games require quick and appropriate reflex actions from the player. So when you’re in the process of pressing down on a key as a reflex action, you end up realizing before the actuation point that you’re pressing the wrong key.

Tall keys on a mechanical keyboard save you from making the wrong actions in this manner. You will be able to pull your finger away before it hits the actuation point most of the time.

Good Feedback

Game controllers normally have vibration as well as haptic feedback, which is greatly helpful when you are gaming. You can refer to the design of a PS5 controller when thinking about what good feedback means.

Keyboards don’t have the luxury of having vibrations or haptic feedback, so something nearly as good would be a feeling of responsiveness and immersion while gaming. The tall keys of a mechanical keyboard make this possible. They make the game more interactive and immersive for you by providing better feedback in the form of the sound of the click-clack of keys.

Why is a Gaming Keyboard with Tall Keys Special?

Gaming keyboards can either be a membrane keyboard or a mechanical, but the ones with tall keys are the latter. Both bring different features to the table for a gamer. However, there are a lot of benefits to having a gaming keyboard with tall keys. Some reasons that make it special are:

  • They have a lighter keypress; hence, you don’t have to exert a lot of force to actuate the required key.
  • These keyboards have a much longer lifespan than other keyboards. Their components last longer and may do so for up to 50 million clicks. Some have even recorded 70 million clicks as well.
  • They provide you with the option of a “key rollover.” This means that you can press multiple keys at the same time and have all of them registered by your system accurately.
  • These are generally made with high-quality materials, making them more durable.
  • The keyboard is easily maintainable as it is easier to clean. The keys are removable, so you can individually remove each one and clean the dust and crumbs easily.
  • The tactile feedback and shorter actuation point give much better gaming or typing experience.
  • You can customize the keyboard to your liking by replacing it with the variety of switches available in the market.
  • These keyboards come with RGB lighting as well. You have the option to change the intensity, brightness, sharpness, and colors according to your preference.
  • These keyboards deliver a faster response time, making the experience of gaming more enjoyable and smooth for you.

Are Tall Keys on Gaming Keyboards Good For Office Work as well?

It is not only gamers who benefit from the tall keys of mechanical keyboards but office-going people as well whose work revolves around typing tasks. Typing is made much easier through the tall keys of a mechanical keyboard because of precision, less chance of errors, and speedy feedback.

If you look back to old times, you have the example of a typewriter. It had a similar construction to the keys of mechanical keyboards seen today. Both of them are tall instead of flat. Thus, it becomes quite clear that this particular design has always made typing easier. Hence, tall keys on gaming keyboards are not only specific for gaming but for office work involving typing as well.

tall keys mechanical keyboard

How Do Tall Keys Enhance Your Gaming Experience?

The first and foremost fact is that you need practice to become proficient in any hobby. However, the tools you use for your hobby play a huge role in your journey as well as the results. The same goes for gaming. Tall keys on keyboards can play an important role in making you a better gamer by enhancing your experience in gaming.

Some of the reasons why tall keys will make your gaming experience better are:

  • The keys are faster, so you can perform quick actions as required in games.
  • The actuation point of tall keys can be distinguished easily. You hear an instant click once you hit it. The feedback is very important and helpful for most gamers as they move on to the next key as soon as they hear the click.
  • Backlighting is a common feature in keyboards with tall keys. Since gaming in dim environments is usually more common, this is a very important feature to make the keys visible to gamers.
  • A keyboard with tall keys is heavier than your standard keyboard, which ensures that it won’t move out of place when external motion is applied. You can avoid hitting the wrong keys due to your keyboard moving from its position at the wrong time.
  • Such keyboards are portable; therefore, you can easily take your keyboard to gaming tournaments or to your friend’s house for a friendly match.
  • The keys make your keyboard more durable than the others, so it is a long-term investment.
  • The customization option is very appealing to some people as they like jazzing up their desktop space.


The main question here is, do keyboards with tall keys make you a better gamer? To become good at gaming, you need practice as well as skill. That said, the equipment you play with also matters a lot. Your hands should move comfortably over all of the tools you are utilizing for gaming to be good at it.

This is where a gaming keyboard with tall keys comes in. It provides numerous benefits when it comes to gaming that shouldn’t be ignored. Investing in such a keyboard is our recommendation to anyone looking to be a serious gamer.